Zenith Bank Internet Banking: How To Get Started

zenith bank internet banking

Zenith Bank Plc Nigeria is one of the Nigerian Commercial Banks, which was founded by (JIM OVIA) in the year 1990 and has grown to a larger community with numerous customers.

The bank has provided its customers with a lot of services and creating various technological means to make banking easier for everyone.

Hence, Zenith Bank Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, and the Online E-banking service are among the top-notch services they provide for their customers.

The Zenith Bank Internet and Mobile Banking provides customers access to the bank’s services 24/7 and easy access to your account for making transactions anytime any day.

However, this internet banking is available to both Zenith bank’s Individual and Corporate account holders.

With this, the corporate account and individual account holders can equally check account balance, view account statements, payment of bills, and transfer of funds.

Nevertheless, most Nigerian banks have ventured fully into the online internet banking, the likes of Gtbank Internet Banking, Access bank Internet Banking, and other commercial banks.

So, today on Intogeek, I will share with you on how to get started with the Zenith Bank Internet Banking; Registration, Zenith Bank Transfer code, and the Customer care service.


How To Register For Zenith Bank Internet Banking

zenith bank mobile banking

Before you start the registration on Zenith Bank Online Banking platform, you will need to visit any of the nearest bank branches to request for a Token and PIN.

You will be asked to fill an application form before getting it or you can download the form directly from here.

Then, after filling the application form, you would be issued a Token, an Access code, Username, and Password that would be used to login into the internet banking platform.

Meanwhile, the token will be issued to you at a cost of N1,500 Naira only.

Below here are the steps to follow in registering for the mobile internet banking.

  1. First, visit this link https://ibank.zenithbank.com/internetbanking/
  2. Now, you will need to login first with the Access code, Username, and Password given to you by the bank branch you filled the application form.

Then, after the first login, you can now change the password to your desired one and now login subsequently with the Access code, Username, and your New Password.

  1. Also, you can choose your preferred way of login in either with your Account number, Token + PIN, OR you Login with your Account number + Password.

To login using your account number and token code, you ought to tick the token login checkbox.

  1. Immediately after successful Login, you can now navigate around the site and see the various sections of the internet banking platform.
  2. And now, your account is fully registered. You can now start to perform your monetary transactions and transfer of funds to both local banks and foreign beneficiaries.

However, you can transfer funds as many times every day, but the daily limit of your transactions is N2 Million naira.



There are no charges when using internet banking except for online fund transfer. Mostly Zenith to Zenith banks money transfer incurs no charges.

Hence, Local Money Transfer (LMT) incurs a little fee charge. While transferring from a Zenith bank to other banks incurs a NEFT or Inter-switch fee charges.


Zenith Bank Transfer Code (*966#)

zenith bank transfer code

This is one aspect of Mobile banking I love so much. It can be done virtually on any mobile device and doesn’t require any internet connection to be done.

The Zenith bank transfer code or USSD code provides easy transaction of funds from Zenith bank to other banks using your mobile phones.

Before getting started with this, you ought to have registered your number on the mobile money transfer.

Only use the phone number you used to open your Zenith bank account and make sure it’s been activated for mobile money transfer.

Once after that is done, now follow the below steps to see how to use the USSD Transfer code for your Zenith Bank Internet Banking.

  • Zenith Bank Transfer code is *966#

To transfer money from Zenith bank account to any other bank in Nigeria, follow the steps below;

  • Using the phone number you registered with Zenith Bank
  • Quickly, dial *966*Amount*Account Number# e.g (*966*5000*0987654321#)
  • Now, follow the On-screen instruction and complete your transaction.

Most times, you may wish to recharge your mobile phone as well from your bank or probably you are thinking of where and how such can be done.

Oh yeah, it’s pretty the best way to recharge and top up your mobile phone account balance when you are out of cash to buy airtime.

This can be done on any Commercial Bank, so here is a detailed guide on How to buy Airtime/Credit directly from your bank account for all Nigerian banks.


Zenith Bank Customer Care

You can contact the Zenith Bank Customer Care for inquiries, complaints, questions and any issues or services you need from them.

Hence, you can contact them using the following channels.

Zenith Bank Selfcare Hot-lines: 4647000, 2927000, +234-1-2787000

Zenith Bank Email Address: Zenithdirect@zenithbank.com

Also, you can reach them via their social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Alright, now that is all that it takes to get started on your Zenith Bank Internet Banking Registration down to the Zenith Bank Transfer code and other services.

Mobile Internet banking is safer and the fastest way to perform your transactions. So, take advantage of this today and get the best in your online transactions easily.

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