how to write a check

how to write a check

If you are looking for the best way on how to write checks, then this guide will be an excellent source for you.

This is a quick guide on how to write a check with cents.

If you have not written a check for the first time, there is every doubt you might be asking questions like;

  • How to write a check?
  • How to fill a cheque?
  • Where to sign a check?
  • Where to deposit a check?
  • How do you write a check with cents?

No panic, has gathered the available answers to each of your questions, and you will get to see them on this article. 

However, you might not need to write a check or know how to write checks, but you can still make it an essential skill to have.

Today, I will share with you the perfect guidelines on how to write checks.


6 Steps on How to Write a Check

Let’s quickly see the significant six complete steps on how to write a check below.

Step 1: Write a Date on the Check

Writing a date on the check is the first thing to be done. Locate the line at the top right-hand corner of the check and write the date on it.

This is very necessary as it will help the bank and the person the check was given to know when you wrote the check.

Step 2: Who the Check is Made For

The next line you see on the check is the “Pay to the order of”, here you write the name of the person or the company’s name you want to make the payment to.

If you don’t know the exact person’s name or the name of the company, you can write “Cash” on the line.

But, bear in mind; this might be unsafe if the check gets missing or stolen. Someone can easily cash out or deposit the check you made with “Cash”.

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Step 3: Write the Payment Amount in Numbers

Now, on the check slip, there are two spots in the small box on the right for writing the amount you are paying. Then, write the dollar amount in numbers, for example ($150.30).

Writing the payment amount in numbers is very necessary, so the bank/ATM will deduct the exact amount from your bank account.

Step 4: Write the Payment Amount in Words

Locate the line below the “Pay to the order of”, and write the payment amount in words and make sure it matches with the dollar amount numbers written in the box.

Example; if you are to pay ($150.30), then, you will write “One hundred fifty and 30/100” in the check. 

Also, if you want to write a check with cents, make sure the cents amount is written over 100, and if the dollar payment amount is a round figure, you still need to add “00/100” to it.

Writing the dollar payment amount in words is very important as this will help in the processing of the check with the correct payment in the bank.

Step 5: Write a Memo

Memo” is another line on the check one can quickly fill up, but it’s optional. Hence, it can be helpful to know the purpose of the check. 

If you are paying for a utility bill like electricity bill or house rent, then you can indicate it in the Memo line.

If you are to pay a bill with a check, most companies will need you to write your account number on the check-in that Memo line.

Step 6: Sign the Check

Now, this is the last step to take, locate the line at the bottom right-hand corner of the check and sign your name on it using the exact signature used for opening the account.

This will help prove to the bank that you have confirmed and agreed to make such payment amount and to the correct person.

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Voila, you have successfully written a check for the first time without any hitches.

Meanwhile, you can now write a perfect check to your client or any payee, and of course, it will be approved by the bank to make the payment.

Hopefully, I believe you have learned how to write a check with cents and how to fill a check with this simple guide.

Take advantage of this today, and you will be glad you did by making payments with a check.

Thank you! 

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