how to wire a plug

How to wire a plug

This Intogeek will teach you how to wire a plug today with the available step-by-step guide.

Wiring a plug with 3 wires can be easy as anything if you know how to do it.

However, in a couple of minutes, you will learn how to wire a 3 prong plug.

To get started, you will need the following tools, which includes;

  • A flat-head screwdriver
  • Wire strippers
  • Good hands

Things can go wrong if you don’t get your plug wired correctly and might lead to a severe injury or death.

Therefore, you need to learn this carefully to make complete wiring of your plug.

Now, let’s see below the ten simple steps on how to wire a plug effectively.


Step by Step Guide on How to Wire a Plug

Step 1: Use the wire strippers to strip off the end of the wire cable to be connected into the plug. Strip off at least 2-3 centimeter of the white coverage leaving only the three internal wires.

Step 2: Using your screwdriver, loosen the screws at the center of the plug on the side where the three pins are located.

Step 3: After loosening the screws, take off the back of the plug.

Step 4: Now, get the end of the white wire you stripped, and separate the three cables so each one can be moveable from one end to another.

Step 5: With your wire strippers, strip off the end of the three stripped wires (blue, brown and yellow-green), and making the copper inside to be visible.

wiring a plug

Step 6: Now, gently put the three wires through the cable grip with some part of the thick white cable along, then, tighten the cable grip on the thick white cable.

wire a plug

Step 7: Loose the screws on top the holes and pass the wires into the holes, making sure it gets good contact with the metals.

Step 8: The (Neutral) wire with blue color goes into the screw hole at the bottom left corner of the plug, and you clip it in with the screw.

Step 9: The (Live) wire with the Brown color goes through the hole at the right corner that is connected to the fuse, and then you clip it in.

Step 10: The (Earth) wire having the yellow-green color will now pass through the hole at the middle top of the plug and clip it in with the screw.

Step 11: Finally, after clipping in the screws and making sure they are tightened, put the plug cover back and then screw it again with the nuts.

how to wire a plug

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Voila! You have successfully wired a plug.

Happy you did it all through by yourself, right? Good.

That is the exact way on how to wire a plug and wiring a plug with 3 wires.

Now, kindly help in sharing this excellent guide with your friends who might need it, and across your social media channels.

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Thank you!

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