how to use southwest credit

Southwest Travel Funds

Southwest Credit or Travel funds are digital funds you get once you change a flight to a more lower-priced fee or when you cancel a flight.

Hence, you are not issued a voucher, a card, or certificate if you got these credit funds.

You can only use or cash these funds through Southwest Airlines Ticket Counter Centers, Southwest Official Website, and through the Phone.

However, many don’t know how to use these credit travel funds and keeps asking questions like how to use Southwest Credit?

You don’t have to worry again, because, this article here will bring answers to your questions on the use of Southwest Credit.


Hot Tips on the use of Southwest Credit Travel Funds

The usage of Travel Funds is assured for one year starting from the date you obtain the original ticket for the flight.

And it is meant for the person that acquires the ticket only; it cannot be used to pay for a ticket for somebody else.

The southwest credit travel funds are fixed together with your original flight journey route. 

Example: If you cancel a flight number ‘#311’ and you got the travel funds via the price you paid for the flight;

When you decide to book another flight, you have to make use of the credit travel funds with the initial flight confirmation number as #311.

Hence, you are required to secure and keep track of this no. to yourself because it won’t be made available on your Southwest Rapid Rewards account.

NOTE: The Southwest credit terminates after one year, starting from the date you purchased the original flight.

Therefore, you ought to make a move by using them before it terminates.

No need to wait and book a flight when it gets expired, but if eventually, it occurs, then you have to call and ask for the fund be restored.

Thus, this will cost you $100.

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How to Use Southwest Credit Travel Funds

  1. First, you search for a flight by visiting the site at
  2. Quickly locate the “Passenger and Payment Info Page,” scroll to the middle and find “Payment Method.”
  3. From the drop-down menu at the top of the payment box, locate the option as “Southwest gift card, Travel Funds, or Southwest LUV Voucher.”

southwest credit card

 4. Now, click on the second tab as “Travel Funds,” fill up your details, including your Names and the original flight confirmation number.

southwest travel funds

 5. Then click on “Apply funds.”


How to Check the Balance of Southwest Travel Funds

While knowing how to use Southwest Credit, you should as well know how to check the balance of your Southwest Credit Travel Funds.

If you cannot find or recall the available Credit funds, you got, but still, know your original flight confirmation number. Then you can check out your balance from here.

Below here are the steps on how to check the balance of your Southwest Travel Funds Credit.

  1. Go to the site here, locate the top menu, and click on “Flight,” then select “Manage Reservations”

southwest credit card

 2.Next, you click on “View Travel Funds.”

southwest air reservation

 3. Now, enter your details including your first and last name along with the confirmation number of the original flight having the Credit Travel Funds.

Sowuthwest credit travel funds

 4. Click on the re-CAPTCHA box 

 5. Then, you click “Check Now.”


So, this is all you need to know on how to use Southwest Credit.

 As well, you have known how to check your balance on Southwest Travel Funds.

I hope you enjoyed this article, give it a try today and start making use of your Southwest Travel Funds Credit.

Thank you!

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