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Do you wish to know the iPhone models or your iPhone model number so you can tell what iPhone you have?

Then, you will get it here today!

Knowing the type of iPhone model you have, it can save you money, stress, and other unnecessary troubles down the road.

I will share with you the full details on which apps, updates, and accessories to be considered for iPhone model checker.

However, your iPhone’s back cover and front display are the two essential things to be considered when checking iPhone models.

And you can still get to know what iPhone you have with the details and information printed on the backside and as well on the hardware design distinctions.

Also, the equipment numbers and packaging labels can still provide clues on how to tell what iPhone you have

Let’s see the available information on how to tell what iPhone model you have.

How to tell what iPhone you have

Here are the complete steps and guidelines on how to tell what iPhone you have

  •  Step 1

You can tell what iPhone you have by checking the iPhone model number imprinted at the back of the phone.

However, an original iPhone shows the number as A1203. iPhone 3G has the number as A1241, and iPhone 3GS has A1303.

Hence, iPhone 4 displays any of the two model numbers depending on the chipset. 

A CDMA iPhone model running on Verizon shows A1349, and GSM iPhoine model using AT&T shows A1332.

Also, all iPhone models except for iPhone 4, displays the storage memory of the device for either 4, 8, 16 or 32 gigabytes storage. 

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  •  Step 2

Next step is to check your iPhone’s casing. Original iPhone device makes use of metal cover that displays a serial number at the back.

iPhone 3G comes with a plastic cover/casing showing the bright silver Apple logo alongside the imprints with the phone’s model number.

iPhone 3GS comes with a plastic casing also showing the colorful silver Apple logo and printings about the phone.

For iPhone 4’s, the backside of the phone is made of glass and purely has a flat shape.


  •  Step 3

Another way to tell what iPhone you have is to observe the original packaging of your device.

If you have the package box of the iPhone device, you will find the iPhone model number and storage memory displaying on the barcode label attached to the box.


  •  Step 4

Another method on how to tell what iPhone you have is to recover your iPhone’s unique identifying numbers. 

You can do this on your iPhone by tapping the “Settings” option, then go to “General” and select “About.” Scroll down and locate “Model” and “Serial Number.”

Now, you need to call the numbers into the Apple Support or check for an Apple-authorized retailer to help you verify your iPhone model number.

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So, this is the exact guides on how to tell what iPhone you have and how to check your iPhone model number.

I believe with this article; you can quickly check and determine the iPhone models of any iPhone device.

This will help you to know and monitor the best quality device to get when purchasing an iPhone

Take advantage of this and make use of it wisely, and you will be glad you did.

Thank you!

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