Spectranet Data Plans Subscription and Prices in 2019

spectranet Data plans

Spectranet 4G LTE Internet data plans – Here is a list of all the latest Spectranet data plans for browsing in Nigeria, prices and how to subscribe.

Spectranet 4G LTE

Are you already browsing with one of these Spectranet data plans (4G LTE)?

No, I think!

Spectranet is one of the few who has provided monthly unlimited data plans in Nigeria.

Given the speed with which they sell their plans, spectranet plans are one of the fastest in Nigeria.

However, I cannot say that you should try to activate them without the proper tests. Currently, the spectranet network is available in a few places.

Okay, let’s go deeper into the different Spectranet data packages with their prices, validity, data volume, extra bonuses, and speed.

Below you will find the Spectranet data plans specially for you.


List of Spectranet Data Plans and Subscription Codes

  1. Monthly Unified Data Plans

Spectranet 4G LTE has announced Unified tariff plans as part of its efforts to ensure that everyone has access to affordable and faster internet.

With the motive of the company for customers to easily purchase data from them. They had to come up with these delicious offers.

Monthly Unified Data bundles

Plan Name                   Plan Cost         data Volume        Extra Bonus       Validity        Access       Speed

Unified Value                N3,000            4GB                        Nil                   Monthly          24/7         Unlimited burstable

Unified value                 N5,000            7 GB                      Nil                    Monthly         24/7          Unlimited burstable

Unified Value                N7,000           15 GB                      Nil                   Monthly         24/7           Unlimited burstable

Unified Nite Value       N7,500            20GB                     Nil                     Monthly     7pm-7am      Unlimited burstable

Unified Value               N10,000           25GB         Free night surfing      Monthly         24/7           Unlimited unstable

Unified Nite Value       N11,000           40GB                    Nil                     Monthly     7pm-7am       Unlimited burstable

Unified Value               N12,500          40GB          Free night surfing      Monthly         24/7           Unlimited burstable

Unified Stay-Connected    N13,000      50GB         Free night surfing      Monthly      24/7           Unlimited burstable

Unified Value                N20,000          55 GB        Free night surfing      Monthly        24/7            Unlimited burstable

Unified Value                N40,000          110 GB      Free night surfing        Monthly       24/7            Unlimited burstable

Unified Value              N70,000         200 GB      Free night surfing       Monthly       24/7             Unlimited burstable

Unlimited Gold Plan   N18,000           Nil                    Nil                          Monthly       24/7             Unlimited burstable


Terms and Conditions:

Unlimited Gold Plan:

  • Is currently only available to customers on commercial plans from LAGOS & IBADAN,
  • A spectranet user on an existing commercial plan can opt for an UNLIMITED GOLD plan at any time before or after the expiry date of the existing subscription validity
  • Unlimited burst speed is assigned to all customers between 0 – 100 GB and the speed is reduced to 512 Kbps after 100 GB has been used.
  • Spectranet reserves the right to limit the download speed to 8 Mbps for the first 100 GB in order to maintain uniform service levels for all customers.

When a Spectranet user returns to the plan with the original data limit, the “Saved” data is added to the user account after renewal.


Unified Stay Connected:

  • The plan is currently only available to customers on commercial plans of ABUJA.
  • Reversing data is applicable according to the terms and conditions for switching.
  • Free unlimited night browsing is only possible on the 50GB of capped data from 01.00 – 07.00.
  • Unlimited burst speed is assigned to all customers between 0-50 GB and speed decreases to 512 Kbps after 50 GB has been used
  • Spectranet reserves the right to limit the download speed to 8 Mbps for the first 50 GB in order to maintain uniform service levels for all customers.


  1. Monthly Revised Tariff

Monthly Revised Tariff data bundles

Plan name       plan/data              plan cost               validity               Access

Excess Value     20GB                   N10,000               Monthly              24/7

Excess Value     25GB                   N12,000               Monthly              24/7

Excess Value     30GB                   N15,000               Monthly              24/7

Excess Value     40GB                  N18,000                Monthly              24/7

Excess Value     50GB                  N20,000                Monthly              24/7

Excess Value      70GB                  N28,000                Monthly              24/7

Excess Value     120GB                N48,000                 Monthly              24/7

Knight                 20GB                  N7500                    Monthly              6pm – 8am

Knight                 40GB                 N12,000                 Monthly               6pm – 8am

Knight                  55GB                 N14,000                 Monthly               5pm – 9am

Knight                  40GB                N8,000                   Monthly               10pm – 8am

Knight                  50GB                N10,000                  Monthly              10pm – 8am


  1. How to subscribe to Spectranet data plans (4G LTE)

Below are the steps in paying for your Spectranet 4g LTE data plans on self-service, Paga, Quick-teller, bank payment and Recharge voucher.

So it is up to you to decide what is best for you.

  • In Person: At the Spectranet store or at Channel Partner. Move over on the store menu to choose a location.
  • Online payment: log in to SelfCare with your username and password
  • Other online channels: ie: QuickTeller
  • Recharge voucher: You can purchase vouchers from Channel Partners.
  • Bank payment: Payment/bank transfer can also be executed on the Spectranet bank account below.

When you have finished payment, scan the payment teller or a screenshot of a successful transfer transaction then send it to care@spectranet.com.ng so that your account will be credited.

Visit https://spectranet.com.ng/banks.html for a list with all bank accounts details.


Spectranet plans are one of the best data plans compared to our large telecom networks.

Get yourself a spectranet 4G LTE device today and enjoy these great spectranet data subscription plans with affordable prices.

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