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With Konga’s online sales platform, Nigerian traders or sellers can now make money online with their real business and do not have to pay money in advance.

The only compensation they have to pay is a small commission on sales made at Konga.

I think it’s a good chance that Nigerian sellers will benefit from this because they do not lose anything from this platform;

But rather open up their products to a much wider audience in Nigeria.

When you consider the cost of running a physical shop in Nigeria, it would include bills such as rent, salaries, power bills, local government tax and so on.

With Konga’s selling platform, you would avoid having to pay much of those bills and you would even be able to reach many people outside of your country.

One of the ways I usually mention when writing articles about how Nigerians can earn money online is ‘Selling Online’.

What I mean is that even small businesses and retailers in Nigeria can also make money online by selling their physical products on the internet.

Whether you have a physical store or location or have items to sell in a warehouse or store, you can easily sell them online via

For those who do not know, Konga is one of the largest online shopping websites in Nigeria and you can also buy things from it.

Konga sells many things online, such as clothing, shoes, electronics, books, tools and so on. It is only logical to cooperate with such a huge giant because it only helps to sell more.

What I personally like very much about Konga as a shopping destination is their good customer service and this will warm up Nigerian customers;

And it would only encourage them to do more of their shopping on the website.

Given the track record that Konga has had for a number of years, it seems that the only place they go to is the top;

And that, it would probably be a business error if you did not list your products/goods with them as a merchant/seller.

You will not lose anything by selling with Konga, because you can still sell in your store or warehouse;

But if you place it on Konga, you would get a much better audience because they supply the entire width and breadth of Nigeria.

The way sales on Konga really works is that a person must first register for a merchant account, verify his email address, enter a phone number and then upload images and photos of what he/she sells and the prices.

Once that happened, the person would have to hand over some of those items to a Konga office in the area and let Konga do the sale.

Once items have been sold and confirmed, the seller’s account is credited

With Konga’s sales platform, it’s easy to sell, just as it’s easy to read this blog post that I wrote about it.

If you can use the internet, open an e-mail address, upload photos and type on your computer/mobile phone, you can sell them on Konga.

With Kong’s sales platform, you do not necessarily need a physical store to become a trader because you can sell it in your online store on

If you manage a store in a physical location, you can still easily add an online store to Konga and this would help you sell more.

You can start earning money online by selling your products/goods on Konga.

Before you start selling, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Konga is a multi-vendor e-commerce platform. This means that you have different sellers on the platform.
  1. There are commissions that apply to ANY SALES you have made on Konga. There are also monthly subscriptions that apply depending on the commission rates.
  1. You are obliged to execute every order placed in your store. You do this by placing the order at one of the Konga centers throughout Nigeria.
  1. Konga delivers the order to the customer, receives payment and reimburses you (less commission) after a certain interval (usually 3-7 days).



Konga is one of the largest e-commerce websites in Nigeria. You can sell to more than 50 million buyers in every state in Nigeria.



There are commission fees of only 3% and you only pay when you sell your product successfully.



You choose the price for your offers, regardless of whether you accept POD, your return policy and delivery method.


  • 24/7 SUPPORT

Konga offers various tools to support you, including their sales community and their dedicated support team


With SHQ Konga Login Store your safety is guaranteed. Konga has a community that takes safety and security seriously for both buyers and sellers.

However, today I will show you how to sell at Konga Mall with your SHQ Konga Login Account.

Follow the steps below to achieve that!



  • STEP 1: Provide registration data


– Go to and register

– Enter your Online Store name, for example, John Electricals

– Describe your company/business; John Electrical sells electronic gadgets such as mobile phones, television sets, security gadgets, and solar equipments.

– Select a suitable category for the company/business, example, Electronics.

– Choose your store URL; example,

– Enter your personal details.

– Then submit the form.

  • STEP 2: Verify your e-mail address


Konga will send you an e-mail almost immediately after you have submitted the form.

Check your e-mail and click on the verification link to continue the registration.

  • STEP 3: Verify your mobile phone number


Following the e-mail verification link, go to step 3 where you can verify your phone number.

Click the Continue button to confirm it. An SMS will be sent to your phone.

Enter the SMS code in the provided box on the Konga website and click on the VERIFY button.

Once you have completed all of these things, your account will automatically be created and you can start selling by listing your items/products.




Once you are registered on the Konga marketplace, you can always go to to log in with your email address and password that you entered during registration.

Then click ‘Sell an item‘ to upload your item/product details and begin selling.

When customers see your item in the list and choose to buy it, they pay directly to Konga, who then delivers the item to you while they save the money for sometime;

Now they pay you when it’s due time after deducting their commission on the sales.

You can always view more reports and details about your online store simply by logging in to your SHQ Konga Store, just as easily as when you log in to your Facebook or Email account.

It is easy to sell on Konga and there have already been many sellers who have made millions of profit from there.

It is a rewarding platform and it only takes 5 minutes to set up a store.

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