How to Send an Invoice

send an invoice

To send an invoice is merely reaching out to your customer and presenting him/her with billings for a particular service or work to be made.

Hence, we can define an invoice as a short notice you send to your customers, notifying them of the payment due date for your services.

Thus, the invoice should include an outline of the services or job rendered to them and the means of payment.

Before the job is completed, you need to send them an invoice with the necessary billing and payment terms.

If you don’t know how to send an invoice, this guide will show you a sample of how to go about it.

However, before sending an invoice, you need to know how to make an invoice as well.


How to make an Invoice

You can create an invoice using the Microsoft Office Program Package.

  • First, you need to create a header having your business name, logo, and contact details.
  • Secondly, add your customer’s contact information, invoice number, and the payment terms.
  • Finally, make a simple chart to outline the goods items, various costs and the total amount of all services rendered.

Then, make a precise detail on how to make payments for the deal or orders.


When to send an Invoice

When to send an invoice depends on the nature of your service and jobs.

Invoices are usually sent when orders or tasks are completed. Perhaps, it is best to send invoices on a weekly basis than monthly.

Depending on your job, you can still send out invoices for billings once the work is done.

If you do send invoices monthly for regular works, you can schedule and automate it using the software in order not to forget sending out your invoices.


3 Tips for sending an Invoice

After making your invoice, the best way to send an invoice is by email. It makes it look professional to your clients.

The mail arrives on time to the email address of the customer or clients.

Let’s see below the available tips for sending an invoice.

1. Calling your Customers or Clients

This is one of the tips you need to have in mind. Try to put a call across after you’ve sent your first invoice bill.

Check to know if they have gotten the invoice and what is all about.

It helps to show your seriousness to them with your invoices.

2. Send your Invoice in a Secured Format

Sending your invoice in a secured format is just making your invoice un-editable.

After making your invoice locally, secure it by putting it in a PDF, or still, send an online invoice.

3. Make use of Online Invoicing

This means taking your invoice billing entirely online and make it more secured.

Then, you only need to send your client a link to the invoice, and they now make payments online via credit/debit card, etc.


How to write an Invoice Email

In writing an invoice email, the subject line is the most crucial part.

Here you quote a purchase order number and make the email title captivating.

Then make use of few and simple texts in the body of the email like;

“Here is your [invoice number], from [business name], which is due on [date].”

Thanks so much for your business.

The invoice itself carries more details about the goods and services.


Payment Reminder Email/Call for Overdue Invoices

You can send out an email reminding your customers of their overdue invoices.

Hence be polite when doing so and act quickly to avoid forming a bad habit.

Before the invoice gets overdue, you can even email them with a simple message like;

“Please remember that [invoice number] is due tomorrow. Everything you need for the processing should be ready, or let me know if any problem.”

Then, if the invoice is overdue already, you can quickly drop a message like;

“[Invoice number] was due yesterday and we don’t have any record of your payment. Please let me know when we can expect it.”

You can still follow him or her up by making a phone call.

This might look awkward for both parties, but it can work.

Once you call, let them know the invoice is overdue and then keep silent so they can do the talking.


NOTE: Time factor is critical when sending out invoices and you only get paid once the customer has the bill.

Therefore, send your invoices and follow them up as soon as you can.

So, this guide has provided you with everything you need to know for how to send an invoice through emails and get paid faster.

Take advantage of this today, send invoices and put the ball into their court.

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