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Many people register and sell on Konga. Jumia and Konga are the two most famous online shopping sites we have in Nigeria.

These two compete with each other, but they also deliver as promised. This guide will show us how to register and sell at Konga Mall.

This is a step-by-step guide that will help you to increase your customer base when you register and sell at Konga.

The rapid progress on e-commerce has adverse effects on the entire trade. Most recently, most purchases were made almost online to the same extent as offline.

There are many e-commerce sites that render top services for e-commerce sites.

This new trend that is evolving rapidly is a must for every entrepreneur to adjust his/her self and catch up with what is in vogue.

That is why we provide here with all you need to register and sell at Konga Mall.



Konga started as an e-commerce site in 2012 and has changed into a marketplace in 2014.

Sim Shagaya, the founder, is a Nigerian entrepreneur and a business magnate who is also an Angel Investor.

In the year 2013 Konga is now becoming popular, of which the website crashed on a black Friday because of the incredible traffic that overwhelmed their servers.

According to the CEO of Konga Sim Shagaya, they had noticed an increase in the number of customers.

What they experienced that day, however, was about 16 times what they usually had on average.

Since then, the platform has become one of the largest websites for electronic commerce in West Africa.

Around 2015, the website was opened to buyers and sellers around the world. This means that everyone in the country and even outside Konga can buy and sell.

Thanks to this online platform, there is little need to open up actual branches in so many places. Wherever your customers are located, you can locate them and deliver your goods to them.



By selling your products on Konga you can offer a broader audience and cheaper ads. It is also relatively easy to register as a seller on Konga and make your sales.

I will give you a short explanation about the basic process that you need to know here.

You are responsible for the goods that you want to place on the website.

The first thing you have to do is to register as a seller on Konga by following a useful link on the Get a Seller page of the website or following the steps in this post.

During registration, you must enter your valid e-mail address, bank details, telephone number, and physical location.

These data make it possible for Konga to send you the details of orders that people place on your products and allow easy payment in your account.

You must understand that Konga acts as an intermediary throughout the process.

They receive payment and send your money to you as soon as the goods have been delivered correctly and successfully.

However, a disadvantage of selling through an intermediary is that you do not receive your money immediately.

Although registration is free, Konga will request a commission for their work with every successfully delivered order.

There are two types of accounts that you can register with Konga

  • The premium account/merchant
  • The classic account/seller

The premium account is recommended for people who do business in millions of naira.

The commissions charged by Konga for this type of transaction are in the low range because of a large amount of money involved.

The classic account is for others who do business with a smaller amount of money.



If you wish to register and sell at the Konga shopping mall, you must register as a seller following all these steps below:


Step 1: Register and sell on Konga

Step 2: Register and sell on Konga

  • These data are being verified by Konga to ensure that they are correct.

Step 3: Register and sell on Konga

  • You will receive a special support for your online store and also a free storefront.

Step 4: Register and sell on Konga 

  • The next step is to create your online SellerHQ account that will serve as your management portal for you to sell at Konga Mall.

Step 5: Register and sell on Konga 

  • You upload your products to Konga.com. All that is needed for your product is only the photos, description, quantity and price of the products.

Step 6: Register and sell on Konga

  • Customers then place an order on your products.

Step 7: Register and sell on Konga

  • The customer’s details will be verified by Konga. It will also tell you when you need to process new orders via e-mail, SMS and via SellerHQ.

Step 8: Register and sell on Konga

  • Now, you accept the order and also receive the profile of the customer.

Step 9: Register and sell on Konga

  • You package your products/goods and drop your orders at the logistics partner of your choice, or deliver yourself. All you need is the ID of your sellerHQ and the details of the order.

Step 10: Register and sell on Konga

  • The last step is product delivery and this happens in one of the following three ways:
  1. Self-delivery: you can bring the product directly to the door of your customer and receive the payment in one go if the customer’s location is close to you.
  2. Third party shipping partners: your order can be shipped via Konga’s logistics partners such as DHL, UPS, QUO, Courier Plus, EMS and Chisco Transport.
  3. Konga Express Delivery: you take the new orders to any Konga Express Drop Off Center in your area for further shipping to the customer.



After registering with Konga, you have access to your own personal dashboard called your SellerHQ.

This only works like the dashboard of a blog. Here you can check all the activities as your goods, products and finances.

To begin with, you must mention the goods you have in stock or want to sell that will appear on your SellerHQ.

Konga will have to accept this before such goods can be shown on the site. So you list your goods that are available;

Konga checks them, accepts them and anyone who visits the site can see your goods.

Millions of people will see your goods and when an order is placed, you will receive a notification via text message and/or via e-mail.

You can deliver the goods via Konga’s courier services or make arrangements yourself to send them to the buyer.

Konga will charge you for shipping if you use the former. Konga receives payment for the goods.

They take their commission away and pay your money to your account (depending on the agreement you reached when you registered).




A return policy as the name indicates is your policy for when goods can be returned to you.

Goods can be returned if the goods do not meet the buyer’s specifications, are damaged or have expired.

You give your buyer the opportunity to return the goods within a certain period.

If your return policy is 10 days. When goods are delivered, Konga will not immediately credit your account.

They will wait after ten days before they credit your account. This is to ensure that there are no returns.



After delivery and the expiration of your period of return policy, Konga will credit your wallet with the amount of the transaction.

Then you can request a payment and the money is deposited into your bank account.

Make sure that you enter your correct bank details during registration.



You are responsible for checking your inventory and updating your inventory.

Also, ensure timely delivery and trade in all fairness to prevent Konga suspects your store.

Do not write or list out products that you know are not available with you or that you cannot easily get.



Your account may be suspended and this can be a serious problem, especially when most of your business is running on this platform.

You should know that Konga has the right to suspend your account for a number of reasons.

These reasons are related to reliability, for example, if you delay when delivering your products.



Any other person can sell the same products/goods on the platform. The competition is very high. Partly because of this, some traders lower their price.

This can be a problem for some, especially if the quality is a problem. The only thing the buyer sees is the product on Konga.

That is why you can be seen in the same light as other sellers, even if your products are of more quality.

Some buyers might argue “why to buy something for N10,000 when I can get the same for N7,000 on the same platform?”.


These are the complete, basic step-by-step instructions you need for registration and to sell on Konga online store Nigeria.

Explore these great features of selling on Konga Online store and see your products go online soon.

Give it a try today and enjoy!

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