how to reboot iphone 6

how to reboot iphone 6

Last time I shared with you an article on How to Restore Contacts on iPhone, today I will share with you the steps on How to Reboot iPhone 6.

Rebooting your iPhone is all about refreshing the phone settings or the device as a whole.

On iPhone 6, you can either reboot the phone itself with the main phone settings or network settings.

Following the continuous search queries on the search engines, people do ask questions like;

  • How do I do a hard reset on an iPhone 6?
  • How do you reboot your iPhone?
  • How do I force my iPhone 6 to restart a black screen?
  • Where is the reset button on an iPhone 6?
  • How to reset iPhone 6 when locked?

If you are among those asking questions like this, you don’t need to worry again as I will share with you all you need to know on how to restart iPhone 6.

However, restarting iPhone 6 can be achieved in many ways, and you will get to know the various methods on how to reboot iPhone 6.

How to Force Reboot iPhone 6

Force rebooting iPhone 6 is the most commonly used methods by many individuals.

Hence, force rebooting your iPhone will make the iPhone restart in an abnormal condition.

Also, it will make the phone not to reboot with its current settings; instead, it goes back to the default phone settings.

Here are the steps on how to force reboot iPhone 6 or 6 plus.

Step 1: Press down the Sleep button together with the Home button of your iPhone 6 for about 5-10 seconds.

Step 2: Hold it down until the screen goes off, and then the Apple logo appears on the iPhone screen.

Step 3: Boom, your iPhone will now restart immediately.

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How to Reboot iPhone 6 in 3 simple methods

Here are the three best ways on how to reboot iPhone 6.

  1. Rebooting iPhone 6 Normally

Rebooting of iPhone 6 in a usual form is the first method on our list here. With this, you can turn your phone ON under normal condition.

Let’s see the steps on how to achieve that below.

Step 1: Press down, the Sleep button of your iPhone 6 device.

Step 2: A prompt will show up requesting you “slide to turn off.”

Step 3: Carefully, slide the prompt slider, and your device will be turned off.

Step 4: Now, you then reboot by pressing down the sleep button again.

Step 5: Voila, you have succeeded in rebooting your iPhone 6 normally.

reboot iphone 6

  1. Restarting iPhone 6 Using Assistive Touch

Restarting your iPhone 6 using the Assistive Touch is another great way of rebooting iPhone 6.

It is an Apple feature that allows you to use the Home button within the device on any screen or page you are.

To get started, you only need to enable or activate the Assistive Touch on your iPhone 6 device so you can be able to use it.

Let’s see the steps on how to achieve that below.

Step 1: On your iPhone 6 device, locate the Settings button and open it.

Step 2: Now go to, General, scroll and select >> Accessibility, then >> Assistive Touch.

Step 3: Tap on the slider by the side and Enable the Assistive Touch button.

Step 4: Once the Assistive Touch is turned ON, it will show on the device screen.

Step 5: You can now use it in rebooting your iPhone 6 device quickly.

how to reboot iphone 6

  1. Rebooting iPhone 6 Using Reset Network Settings

Restarting your iPhone 6 device using the “Reset Network Settings” option is the final method here today.

You can choose to make use of this method if you like or if you are not confident with the ones above.

All you need to do is resetting the network settings of your iPhone 6 device.

Let’s see the available steps on how to achieve that below.

Step 1: Open the “Settings” tab on your iPhone and click on “General.”

Step 2: Next, you click on “Reset” and select “Reset Network Setting.”

Step 3: Then choose the same option again and confirm it.

how to reboot an iphone 6


And that is all. You have successfully restarted your iPhone 6 device using any of these three methods.

I hope this is helpful and you enjoyed it?

This is all you need to know on how to reboot iPhone 6 without home button or resetting iPhone 6 when locked etc.

Make sure you take note of this guide and give it a try in using any of the above methods to reboot that your iPhone 6 device.

You will be amazed that you did it all by yourself.

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