How to read WSJ for free 2020

how to read WSJ for freeWSJ, also known as “Wall Street Journal” is an online news publication and magazine website where people get to read news and articles.

As other news websites, you read articles and news for free, but in WSJ you cannot, you must be a paid subscriber before doing that.

But today, I will share with you the easy guide on How to Read WSJ for Free 2020.

Without getting a paid subscription on WSJ, you cannot be able to read any newspaper or articles on the website.

Nevertheless, there are a few possible ways you can get to read articles for free on WSJ.

These include signing up for a free trial or checking out on the links shared on social media networks etc.

Let’s quickly see the available methods on how to read WSJ for free 2019/2020.


3 Best Methods on How to Read WSJ for FREE 2019/2020

Here are the three simple ways on how to read WSJ for free 2020.

  • Reading with WSJ Extension
  • Reading through a Library
  • Reading via Social Media



This is the first method on our list today; you can read WSJ for free using read WSJ extension any reader app or extension.

Read Across the Aisle WSJ” is one of the apps that allows you to read WSJ for free.

Let’s see below how to achieve that.

  • Download “Read Across the Aisle WSJ” app or any other newspaper reader app or extension.
  • This app is only available on iOS or Google chrome desktop browser.
  • Now, download the app from the play store using your iOS device.
  • For chrome desktop browser users, open a new page, click on the Apps tab at the upper-left corner and the web store will show up.
  • Now, open the Aisle app or your reader extension by tapping on the icon after downloading.
  • While on chrome browser, you open a new tab/page and it shows information about some news websites.
  • If no information was displayed, you could turn off the ad-blockers in your browser extensions.
  • Locate the Wall Street Journal link and click on it to be directed to the WSJ website.
  • Enter your email address and sign up for a 7-day trial. Then the site will open.
  • Now, after 7 days, you can renew the trial subscription by entering your email again.



Reading through a library is the second method on our list here and might be a better option for you if you don’t consider the first method.

Anyway, let’s check it out.

  • Look out for a standard library around your area that provides free access to contents and be sure if they partners with WSJ.
  • Find the online resources the library offers and see if there is access to newspaper publications.
  • If they gave access to that, then check if WSJ articles are made available.
  • Now, make use of the library computers and devices to access the Wall Street Journal.
  • You can also check out on the library printed publications, if there are no online resources.
  • But if the online resource page is made available, locate it and then log in. Then, search for “Wall Street Journal” via the search bar.
  • Or you scroll down the online resource page to find a link to WSJ website and start reading your articles.
  • However, before you can access the online resource page, you might need to get a card from the library staff, depending on the library procedures.
  • In case you got any questions, you can ask the library staff, they will help you out.
  • Once you got all these, you can enjoy reading your WSJ articles freely.



Reading via social media is all about finding article links on their social media networks.

You will need to follow and subscribe to their social media channels to read free articles.

Let’s see some ways and how to achieve that.

  • You can follow WSJ reporters on their Twitter accounts or any other social media platforms by searching for “WSJ Staff.”
  • Once you perform this search on twitter, click on the tab “People” and follow some others WSJ official staff and workers.
  • These WSJ staffs do share and post some article links; you can find one, click on it and read for free.
  • You can check out for WSJ subscribers, or if you know anyone that subscribed, you can request to get access to the articles and read for free.
  • You can get to read WSJ for free on social media by finding readers who post the article links, by searching with this term “WSJ.”
  • You can do this on twitter, search for “WSJ” click on the “News” tab and you will see some WSJ articles.
  • Do this also on Facebook by searching for “WSJ” or the name of any WSJ reporters.
  • If you make use of Snapchat, find the WSJ Snapchat account by searching through the search bar.
  • On the WSJ Snapchat page are some available stories, scroll to the end and locate the link to the full article.
  • On your Snapchat screen, you can get to read WSJ free articles by swiping right twice to Snapchat Discover, then find WSJ articles and read for free.

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Boom! You have successfully read a few or some of the WSJ articles for free.

I hope this is helpful and you enjoyed it?

Moreover, you have learned how to read WSJ for free and how to bypass WSJ paywall 2019/2020.

This is the only ultimate guide to reading the Wall Street Journal for free in 2020, so take advantage of it very well.

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Thank you!


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