How To Pay For Your DSTV Subscription With Quickteller

dstv subscription with quickteller


Of course, DSTv is one of the best satellite pay TV in Nigeria and other countries in Africa and Asia.

DStv undoubtedly offers a wide range of services that will keep you going all day long!

There are news channels, movie, music channels, and many other exciting channels are also good and available always.

You can pay the DStv subscription online via Quickteller and it is surprisingly fast, efficient and simple.

There are many ways to pay online for your DStv subscriptions, you can also use your bank; mobile banking or online banking.

But I usually use the Quickteller option and it’s smarter and the best for me!

Many DSTV subscribers use the quickteller to transfer money, and other banking activities;

Without realizing that they can easily pay for their DSTV subscription without visiting a nearby DSTV subscription office.

Quickteller has been providing useful services to Nigerians for some time and has made it easy to pay for different services.

From cash payments to the payment of utility bills and also many other transactions in real time.

The steps below will show you how to recharge, renew or upgrade your DSTv subscription plan at any time any day.


How to Pay for your DSTV Subscription with Quickteller

You may have asked: how do I pay for my DSTV subscription with Quickteller?

Do not worry, today you will get to know it quickly, of course, this method is the best payment method for your DSTV subscription.

There are, however, in principle two methods to pay via Quickteller for your DSTV subscription.

The first method is to make payments using a nearby Bank ATM Machine.

The second method that is easiest is to log in to the secure website of the quickteller via every mobile internet device to make the payment.


How to pay for your DSTV subscription via Quickteller at a nearby ATM Machine

Follow the steps below, once you visit any Bank ATM Machine center.

  • Insert your ATM card
  • Enter your PIN code
  • Select ‘Pay Bills’ from the options on the ATM screen
  • Select your bank account type (current or savings)
  • Select DStv from the options that appear on the screen
  • Select your DStv bouquet type
  • Enter your DSTv Smartcard number
  • Then select ACCEPT to make the payment.


If the transaction was successful, it will be displayed on the ATM screen.


How to pay for your DSTV Subscription Online via Quickteller Secure Website

  • Get an internet-enabled phone (Smartphone)
  • Go to or log in at Quickteller
  • Select the DStv bouquet of your choice
  • Enter your e-mail address
  • Enter the first 10 digits of your DSTV smart card number
  • Enter your telephone number
  • Click on NEXT
  • Enter your name or the name of the DStv subscriber
  • Check that your smart card number has been entered correctly.
  • Click the PAY button
  • Select the type of bank card (Interswitch, Verve or Mastercard)
  • Enter your card number and expiration date on your bank card.
  • Enter your 4-digit PIN code.
  • Click on PAY.


Now wait and see if the transaction made was successful.


After the transaction is completed, your DStv account will be credited and your viewing will be restored.

This method is one of the fastest online payment, you really do not have to emphasize or stress much on it while paying.

You do not have to walk to an office to pay, it is simply done from the comfort of your home.

However, if your viewing is not automatically restored, you can also activate your subscription payment quickly according using the steps below.


How To Activate DSTv after Payment.

To activate your subscription after the payment, send “RA Smart Card Number” to 30333.

For example, if your smart card number is 9876543210 type the text “RA 9876543210” and send to 30333.


How to check the Expiration Date and Balance of your subscription (Online, SMS & Mobile App)

You can easily check when your subscription expires, as well as your balance via SMS, DSTV eazy service online and the DSTV mobile app.

  • With Mobile App: The homepage of mobile DSTv apps contains the expiry date and the account balance.
  • To Use SMS: Text this “DD Smartcard number” to 30333.
  • Online method: Log in to self-service page >> account >> You should see your account balance and the current expiry date of the subscription.


There you have it on different payment methods for DStv subscription, how to know the expiry date and the account balance and activate your DStv subscription after payment.


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