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Jumia is the place for all forms of classic footwear. There is no brand of shoes and footwear’s that you will not find on Jumia.

Did you need shoes in Nigeria or did you prefer already made shoes from abroad? Do not worry; you will encounter them abundantly on jumia.

The shoes sold on this site are also top quality and they will perfectly meet your expectations.

In addition, Jumia Shoes and footwear are very affordable; you do not have to spend a lot of money to buy them.

Jumia has a wide collection of casual shoes/footwear for both men and women.

Jumia shoes are perfect for different types of events and occasions, they are all equipped with well-designed soles and genuine leather or canvas material for more durability.

Buying shoes and sandals online at jumia is the only way to style your wardrobe.

For ladies, you can get exclusive flat shoes and high heels, while for men you can get casual shoes and slippers from top brands and much more.

To make it even more pleasant, Jumia delivers shoes in all parts of Nigeria, directly at your home.

Now, today I will give you a list of some of the top quality shoes sold on Jumia Online Store



It is an edgy and very comfortable footwear that demands attention and compliments wherever they are worn to.

It is also stylish, durable and stains on design. It looks superior, cool and relaxed in this range of men’s slippers available on Jumia for the desired comfort every day.

Most important features:

  • The material is made of leather
  • Color is black
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to maintain
  • It is sustainable.




The Bata shoes are casual shoes and are made of the highest canvas and durable rubber soles.

It is perfect for everyday use and these comfortable and stylish shoes are ideal for working or playing.


Most important features:

  • Stylish
  • Comfortable
  • Long-term
  • Color is black




Bata striped sneakers (black/red) at jumia is designed for your exciting casual lifestyle.

The footwear is ideal for men and women in their shoe rack because it will determine your feet again.

You will look very neat, both for an informal and a less formal occasion.

Taking remarkable steps in this sneaker gives you a burst of confidence. The timeless design and color are versatile to combine with your various casual clothes.

It comes with attractive details and is made of canvas.

The striped sneakers for men from Bata brand have a modern design and a versatile black and red color.

You get comfort and style with which you can present your swag while the footwear is tailored to your casual lifestyle.

It is comfortable and has a comfortable flat sole that provides an excellent balance in both wet and dry surfaces. Lace-up shoes for men are well designed to improve your appearance.

The laced shoe of these sneakers holds your feet firmly while the insole is breathable so your feet can not perspire.

You can combine it with denim, chinos trousers or shorts with tees or polo. It is ideal for a casual hangout and fits with every basic outfit.

Hang out with friends, because it will certainly give you remarkable steps that will determine your style again.


Most important features:

  • Color is black/red
  • Stylish
  • Comfortable
  • Long-term




Bata Night hawk Boot (black) is a trendy and versatile shoe that works well during every season of the year.

It is very stylish, so it can be used to dress in different outfits. It has a sturdy construction, so you can easily carry it for as long as you like.

It is made of durable and lightweight synthetic leather and fabric material which makes it comfortable to wear.

It is a very nice shoe to have in your wardrobe because it can be worn on a wide range of formal and casual places. Make a bold fashion statement with this attractive shoe.

Bata (black) night hawk boot suits your active lifestyle and portrays you as a person with a real fashion style.

It has a black color, so finding the perfect shirt and trouser will be very easy. You can attract any look you want with this boat.

By combining it with a T-shirt and jeans you get a mod and hip look that is suitable for nice places.

You can also get a business casual look by combining it with a long-sleeved shirt and chinos.

When it comes to this shoe, you do not have to think about it when selecting your outfit, because it is designed to give character to every look.

It sells between the range of N3,000 – N4,000 on Jumia.


Most important features:

  • Stylish
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Economical
  • Washable
  • Long-term




Beautiful men’s sneakers for men (black) are a stylish and classic shoe that can be found in the wide collection of Jumia shoes.

This pair of high-top lacey canvas goes with all kinds of casual and elegant styles.

It has a smooth, synthetic upper that is shiny, easy to maintain and durable.

The handy design allows the feet to slide comfortably easily.


Most important features:

  • Main material is synthetic
  • The only material is Velvet Rubber
  • Color is black/deep blue
  • Smart fit
  • Perfect match for all casual outfits.




This footwear is stylish and gets the attention of the spectators with trendy, stock and stunning looks.

It fits well with both matching and off-color clothing. It sells between the range of N7,000 – N8,000 on jumia.


Most important features:

  • Color is Ash
  • Material is textile
  • The style is classic and elegant
  • Affordable
  • Easy to maintain.




This Bata casual shoe is made of the highest quality canvas. It also comes with a very durable and sustainable rubber soles.

It is perfect for everyday use and it is a comfortable and stylish pair of shoes that are ideal for work or relaxation.

If you buy for women, buy a size smaller. For example, a lady or girl with size 10 would have to buy a Bata size 9.


Most important features:

  • Stylish
  • Comfortable
  • Long-term
  • Color is white/red




Generation of feet have felt the touch of Tomy Takkies, now they are back and make a serious statement, functional and forever in fashion.

Tomy Takkies are classic canvas shoes with an amazing appeal they are colorful, sporty, with soft rubber sole.

From the stable of the Bata industry, this beauty comes from durable quality materials to guarantee value for your money.

It has a lacing for a perfect fit while walking. This footwear is durable, not only stylish and durable but also very comfortable.

It is sold for a range of N9,000 – N10,000 on Jumia.


Most important features:

  • Color is Burgundy
  • Easy to carry
  • Classic and elegant
  • Easy to maintain
  • Trendy
  • Stylish



The brand New-Ebroo is known for creating a wide range of shoes with the most durable fabrics and textiles.

This slim fit sneaker is stylish and simple with a well-detailed finish. Whether you wear them for function, office or casual, this sneaker is the ultimate choice for fashion and functionality.

This sneaker has a smooth synthetic upper, is easy to maintain and durable.

It comes in a blue elegant color with a matching blue and white sole, considerable weight and suitable for all-around casual clothing.

The handy design allows the feet to slide comfortably easily.

It sells between the range of N11,000 – N12,000.


Most important features:

  • Main material is textile
  • Color is navy blue
  • Unisex
  • Affordable
  • Smart fit
  • Comfortable




This Sneaker has a unique look and offers a lot of comforts to walk on, a foaming path to get on.

It has a considerable weight and an adult appearance that is suitable for all-round casual clothing.

It is one of the fashionable and trendy styles among the jumia shoes that is a really good addition to your collection.

It is sold for a range of N8.500 – N9,000 on Jumia.


Most important features:

  • Color is gray
  • Considerable weight
  • Older appearance
  • Affordable
  • Suitable for casual clothing.




Whether you wear them for function, office or for a comfortable approach to the streets in the city;

Smart suede sneakers are the ultimate choice for fashion and functionality with a carefully stretchable front strap to tailor the foot.

It has a considerable weight and an adult appearance that is suitable for all-round casual clothing.

It comes with a comfortable, foamy inner mat to move on. It is a trendy style shoe that is a really good addition to your collection.

Try an outfit with distressed denim for out of service.

It sells for N9,000 – N10,000 on Jumia.


Most important features:


  • Considerable weight
  • Color is black
  • Older appearance
  • Affordable
  • Unisex
  • Smart fit
  • Slip-on
  • Suitable for casual clothing.



When talking about Jumia shoes, laced Loafers shoes distinguish themselves between the wide shoe collections with different designs and colors to choose from.

Laced loafer in the versatile black with full grain pure leather, looks great with denim.

Worn with jeans to create a casual look or even in combination with a suit or traditional outfit for a relaxed yet formal look.

It sells for N6,000 – N7,000 on Jumia.


Most important features:

  • Upper work full grain leather
  • Waxed laces with Aglet detail metal
  • Soft lining for extra comfort
  • Padded footbed with a moisture-wicking cotton top cloth
  • Durable rubber sole specially designed for Nigerian rugged terrain
  • Colour is black.

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So here are the best shoes of top quality at Jumia Online Store Nigeria.

If you think where you can buy shoes online, Jumia shoes are exactly what you are looking for.

Buy shoes for men and women on jumia at affordable prices and take advantage of flexible payment options for cash upon delivery.

They deliver to your doorstep anywhere in the country.

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