how to pop lower back

how to pop lower back

If you are experiencing lower back pain, then you need to do something about it.

And learning how to pop lower back is the best solution to your lower back pain.

The lower back pain can be so annoying, and once this starts, you will need relief and leads you into cracking your back.

Cracking or popping your lower back can help in relieving the pain and if it doesn’t work, then consider meeting a doctor.

Meeting a physical therapist or a chiropractor should be the second action to take if after popping your back and the pains continued.

Hence, there are various ways one can pop his or her lower back, so if one doesn’t work, the other will work.

This can be either, sitting in a chair, lying on the floor, massaging your back with a foam roller, etc.

Now, let’s quickly see the few methods on how to pop lower back or how to crack someone’s lower back.


3 Methods on How to Pop Lower Back

Here are the three simple ways on how to pop lower back and back cracking techniques.

  1. By Sitting Technique

  2. Trunk Rotation Method

  3. Using a Foam Roller


  1. Sit on a chair that has no armrest for resting your hand; this will make it more effective in cracking your back.

Always sit properly and rest your back straight to give balance to your feet on the floor. Example of this chair is the dining room chair.

  1. You can make use of your hands by clasping it behind your lower back, then slowly press and massage the spot.

Do it gently until you feel a difference or feel your lower back being pop or crack.

  1. You can pop your lower back by slowly twisting your body around the chair left and right.

Hold the chair with your left hand and gently pop your back, then do the same by holding with the right hand as well.


  1. Lie on the floor and stretch out your legs by extending the left knee and bending the right knee. Then you spread your two arms.

You will need to bend the left leg as well, after working the right leg.

  1. Twist your back gently by crossing your right leg over to your left leg, and then use your left hand to pull your right hip to the left.

Keep your body up and your head flat on the mat floor as you do the exercise, and do this till you feel your back pop.

  1. Repeat this trunk rotation on the other side, crossover your left leg and then use your right hand to pull your hip to the right.

Do these till you feel a pop or crack at your lower back and you can repeat the stretching 2 – 3 times to get relieved fully.


  1. Sit on the floor while you bend your knees, don’t sit or use it on a mat or carpet but the floor.

Then, place the foam roller directly under your lower back at the exact position that is bothering you.

  1. Grasp your hands over your head and lie onto the foam roller, then support your neck with your hands as well.

Gently, lower your back over the foam roller till you feel enough pop or crack on your back.

  1. Roll your back slowly over the foam roller or add little force if you want a deeper massage and fast cracking.

Push yourself back and front slowly using your legs and roll your body over the foam roller till you feel a pop or crack.

Make sure to relax your muscles, and your feet are stable on the ground as you roll your back to get better relief.

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Alright, that is all on how to pop lower back in three different methods.

If after going through these methods and the pains persist, then, you need to visit a doctor or a chiropractor.

However, I am sure if you do these correctly with the above back cracking techniques, the pains will be no more.

Give it a try today, and you will be happy you did.

Thank you!

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