GoTv Payment: Top 3 Ways to Pay for GoTv Subscription in Nigeria

gotv payment

GoTv is undoubtedly one of the best digital cable TV stations services that offer cheap GoTv subscription plans at a reasonable price around the Globe.

GoTv Payments can easily be done online at the comfort of your home from anywhere in Nigeria without the need to walk down to GoTv’s office.

GoTv subscriptions methods are the best and fastest way to pay for GoTv in Nigeria, the subscription plan can easily be renewed or activated online anytime any day.

This leads us into coming with the top 3 ways you can pay for GoTv Subscription Online in Nigeria Instantly without having to queue at any GoTv outlets.


GoTv Payment Plans or Packages

There are basically 5 major subscription plans for GoTv Decoder.

gotv payment

  1. GoTv Lite: This is the cheapest subscription. It costs just 400 Naira monthly and offers only23 channels.
  2. GoTv Value: It costs 1250 Naira every month offering only 40 channels.
  3. GoTv Plus: This offers about 57 channels at 1900 Naira monthly.
  4. GoTv Max: This is their highest package with about 60 channels for 3200 Monthly.
  5. GoTv Mobile Access: It costs just 630 Naira per month, the newest plan so far.


3 Best Ways to Pay for GoTv Subscription in Nigeria

Actually, there are so many ways to pay or renew your gotv subscription plan like using (Ouickteller, eTransact, Paga e-Pay, GlobalPay, Eazy Money, PayU, Paga Mobile, KongaPay, Baxi Box, Bank Mobile App or USSD Codes) etc.

However, I will be sharing the 3 best and fastest means in this article today.

Moreover, the ultimate and most recognized means of renewing your subscription or making your GoTv Payment is offline via the retail outlets or offices.

Off course yes, you hardly have issues if you renew from them. Your GoTv decoder gets activated and will be connected immediately.

Hence, if any issue arises, you can quickly locate and fix it immediately without any much charge.

Nevertheless, the main problem with offline payment is going through a lot of stress; first, you will queue at the bank for payment and again at the gotv retail outlets.

But, when renewing your subscription using the Online Payment method, you don’t have to go through all those stress.

Also, if in case your subscription is not activated or connected back after 5 – 20 minutes, you can contact the gotv customer care.

Here are details on how to pay your gotv decoder subscription using any of the 3 ways;

  • Quickteller.

  • GoTv Self Service.

  • Gtbank Mobile Banking.



Before using the quick teller method, you must have an account with quickteller.

Then, before you start the process of making gotv payment, make sure that your decoder is On.

This is mostly the mistake many customers do make every time that always results in renewal staying hours or even days sometimes before it can be connected back for viewing.

So please, always make sure your gotv decoder is On before making payment.

  • First, Switch ON your GoTv decoder if your subscription has already expired.
  • Go to quickteller gotv subscription page using your mobile phone or computer.
  • Then, select the GoTv subscription plan or package you want to subscribe to from the drop-down menu.
  • Enter your gotv decoder IUC number. The IUC number can be found on your GoTv smartcard or on the red sticker under the decoder.
  • Enter your email address and mobile phone number and click on Next/Continue.
  • Now, you will then be redirected to a secure billing page.
  • Select your debit card type (Master, Verve or Visa) and carefully fill in your card details.
  • Cross-check your details and finally click on the Pay button.

Immediately, your GoTv account will be credited and subscription will be renewed in a couple of minutes.

Note: Quickteller charges N100 naira for this transaction.



The second best method of renewing your subscription is using the GoTv Eazy Self-Service.

The Gotv self-service acts as a third party between the company or firm and its customers or subscribers.

It creates an avenue for an easy and fast solution to any issues you have without the help of any customer service agent.

With the Gotv Eazy Self-Service method, you can definitely do everything at your own time like find a dealer, activate your decoder, pay/recharge your account, fix errors etc.

You can as well access it or pay from any part of the country.

To use this Gotv self-service, follow the steps below.

  • First, Switch ON your GoTv Decoder.
  • Then visit Gotv eazy self-service payment page.
  • Input your decoder IUC Number.
  • Select your country.
  • Enter the correct captcha code in the provided box.
  • Tap/Click on Verify button.
  • Carefully enter your debit card details and complete the payment.



Oh yes, you can also renew your gotv using the gtbank mobile app. Once you have registered for Gtbank online internet banking.

Not only gtbank, but you can also recharge or pay your gotv subscription with other banks like FCMB, Stanbic, Zenith, Access, and many other Nigerian banks mobile apps.

However, none is as fast and straightforward like gtbank mobile banking app. With this, your viewing will be restored almost immediately.

To start, you need to have one of the gtbank mobile apps like (gtworld) app or any of the old mobile app installed on your mobile phone.

The (gtworld) app seems to be my favorite app but the steps are almost the same. Now follow the below steps to achieve that.

  • Quickly launch any of the gtbank apps on your phone and sign in.
  • Then Tap on Payment and then on Cable Tv.
  • Select account to be debited if you have more than one account.
  • Under the category section, select GoTv.
  • Under product, select the gotv bouquet or payment package you want to subscribe into.
  • The Price and charges of this bouquet will be auto-filled.
  • Now, input your decoder IUC number and tap on continue.
  • Complete the payment with your transaction Pin or Token.

For those using the old gtbank app, after tapping on Cable Tv, select GoTv from the list of option.

  • Select the GoTv bouquet you want to pay for >> account to be debited >> IUC Number.
  • Now complete the payment using transaction pin or token.
  • Voila, your account is been activated.

Wait for a few minutes, for viewing to be restored.


Alright, here you have it on GoTv Payment and how to pay for GoTv Subscription in Nigeria 2018.

Hopefully, I know you enjoyed this article, kindly share this article with your friends on social media.

Thank you!

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