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Perhaps your laundry room is one of those places in your home that you do not like to enter, it probably lacks one of the most essential appliances, a washing machine!

Do not leave your laundry room empty without one. Find the right one for your home at Jumia Washing Machines Online Store.

At Jumia you will find a wide range of washing machines from renowned manufacturers such as Samsung, Whirlpool, Haier, Bosch, LG, Godrej, Electrolux, Panasonic and IFB etc, who have built a niche in the field of household appliances.

From front-loading and top-loading to automatic and semi-automatic models.

Jumia Nigeria has every kind of washing machine that suits your needs, styles, and preferences.

They have all or most useful functions, such as a number of washes, electronic controls, foam control, speed options, anti-creasing, child lock, and flushing.

At Jumia Nigeria you will find washing machines from a capacity of less than 5 kg to more than 8 kg, depending on the size of your family.

A 2 kg model is just enough for a family of two and for those who only wash white and light-colored clothing in the machine;

While a family of four or more might need a washing machine with a capacity of 6 kg, 8 kg or more.



Models such as LG F1091MDL2, IFB Elite Aqua SX, Samsung WF1650NCW / TL, Bosch WAX 20168IN and IFB Senorita Aqua VX are some washing machines that make your washing work easy with their front-loading capability.

Because they make it possible to stack other items together, washing machines with front loading are ideal for small washrooms and houses that do not have a separate laundry room.

They are also more energy-efficient than their counterpart.



Washing machines that are loaded above are easy on your back because they do not have to send you on your knees to load or unload the washing machine.

Jumia and Konga Nigeria sell washing machines on the very highest scale to make the laundry an effortless job with its range of products;

Such as Onida WO65TSPLDD1, Electrolux WM ES65LAEB-DDN, Panasonic NA-F62HS3RRB, LG P7853R3SBG and Godrej GWS 8502.



If you want to invest in a washing machine and keep your budget limited, Jumia keeps your needs under control with its budget-friendly, semi-automatic models.

Models such as Onida WO62SBC1, LG P8540R3FDB, Onida WO75SBX1, LG P8837R3S, and Electrolux WM ES80EEWH-CLS fall under this category.

Semi-automatic machines are perfect for you if you are not sure of a continuous water supply to the washing machine.

They are equipped with a two-tub design, where you have to make manual efforts to move the clothes from the laundry tub to the drying tub.



Brands such as IFB, LG and Samsung offer fully automatic washing machines that perform all functions without your help.

Simply load the laundry, set the wash cycle and other settings based on the clothes you need to wash and wait for the alarm to catch your attention.

Models such as Onida WO70TSPLST1, LG F10B5NDL2, Godrej WT Eon 700 PF, LG T80FRF21P, and LG T10RRF21V are fully automatic and are the perfect addition to homes with working women.

Washing machines are devices that save users the hassle, stress and time to wash laundry in the traditional (soap and bucket) way.

In the past ten years washing machines have gained a whole new popularity, both because of the exposure of people to their importance and because of the variety of washing machines that have been put on the market by different production companies.

The ability of washing machines to do a whole lot, either simultaneously or in fabric batches with minimal human involvement, would always keep it on request.

Washing machine prices in Nigeria starts at N12,000 and can amount to N300,000.

Before you start to frown at the ridiculous figures that are attached to a washing machine, and you start to wonder what the exact need is for a washing machine;

Here are some reasons why washing machines have made the world a better place.

Washing machines save you the stress of washing your clothes manually, saving you energy.

Washing machines let you multi-task. While you are washing clothes in the washing machine, you can enjoy TV or prepare your cooking process.

It only requires a one-time purchase, after which you can use it for life (if possible). Any additional costs that come with the machine are the money to buy the cleaning product.

There is no fear of damage to your fabric with washing machines and they are just as clean as your manual scrub (sometimes cleaner).



There are different forms and types of washing machines available on the Nigerian market and these are usually categorized according to their size (kg), input type (top loader or front loader), technical capacity (washing machines, drainers, driers) and price.

The most important factor to consider when looking for a suitable washing machine is the type. Some important questions had to be asked:

  • Where is it installed or used? (domestic use or commercial use)
  • What is the size that would serve the intended purpose?
  • Which brands have many positive feedbacks?
  • Which stores or websites have the best prices?
  • How much can I pay? (main question)


There are quite a few popular washing machine brands in Nigeria and some of the dominant brands with many positive feedbacks are LG, Samsung, Scanfrost, Qasa, Haier Thermocool, Midea and others.


More features!!!

Here are more features to be considered:

  • Turbo wax: reduces the washing time for a large amount of (or heavy) laundry
  • Fast washing: reduces the washing time for a small amount of (or light) laundry
  • Antibacterial wax: removes 99.9% of bacteria from your cloth. Samsung calls it SilverWash
  • Steam Wash: gentle washing using steam to penetrate your substances, removing dirt, odor (allergens) and wrinkles in the process
  • Low noise level: some rings work more freely than others
  • The number of cycles (washing programs): A washing cycle is a washing process from start to finish.

Washing machines are supplied with washing cycles for different types of washing conditions with high-end models with washing cycles tailored to specific clothing.

Washing cycles can range from 2 in standard washing machines to more than 11 cycles in high-end models.

  • Temperature settings: some washing machines offer the possibility of washing hot or cold.

However, others offer up to 5 temperature settings that allow you to choose a different temperature for washing and rinsing.

  • Timers: timers are available in different forms. With the basic timer, you can set how long the clothes should be washed. This is usually available in less automated machines.

Automatic washing machines will be washed as long as needed. With a timer, you can also slow down when the washing starts.

  • Energy Star Rating: Energy Star reviews tell you how energy-efficient the washing machine is.
  • Child safe: prevents tampering with children
  • Brands: LG, Samsung, Haier Thermocool, Midea, Polystar, Scanfrost, Daewoo, Ignis, Indesit, etc.



Prices of washing machines in Nigeria may vary depending on the type. That is the size, the loader type, the functions, and so on.

A 1.5 kg washing machine could be as low as N11,000 and a washing machine with a 16 kg front loader with dryer could cost be as much as N300,000.

Some important quick tips to note about the prices of washing machines are:

Washing machines with a top loader are always cheaper than the front loader.

The more functions, the more the price.

If there are two washing machines of the same size with different prices, the one with the higher price is probably a more popular brand.

The more energy is needed for a washing machine, the higher the price.



Haier Thermocool TLW3.5 1.5kg                   N14.000 – N20.000

Haier Thermocool TLW06 6kg                       N23,000 – N28,000

Haier Thermocool HW60-1279 8kg               N68,000 – N73,000


Haier Thermocool washing machine price ranges from N12,000 – N300,000.



Scanfrost SFWMTTC 12 kg                           N50,000 – N55,000

Scanfrost SFW7001 8 kg                                N91,000 – N96,000

Scanfrost Agitator SFAW1600 16 kg            N150,000 – N155,000


The prices of the Scanfrost washing machine ranges from N45,000 – N230,000


  • LG

LG 610 4.5 kg                                                 N35,000 – N40,000

LG FL WM12B8QDP2 7 kg                          N84,000 – N89,000

LG FL WM12B8TDP25 8 kg                        N140,000 – 150,000


LG washing machine prices range from N22,000 – N400,000.



Samsung WT90H 9 kg is around                    N50,000 – N55,000

Samsung TL WA90G9 7 kg is around           N55,000 – N60,000

Samsung WT13J7EW1 8kg sells at                N61,000 – N66,000


Samsung washing machine prices range from N36,000 – N250,000


NOTE: Prices are neither specific nor rigid, as they tend to change with factors such as the rise or fall of currency exchange rates, market demand, location and how old items have been on the market.



Buying washing machines is one of the ways to ensure that you buy the real deal.

Although advertising sites such as Jiji, OLX, Efritin, and others may not guarantee this, because the advertised products on these sites are placed there by other users and have not necessarily undergone a form of verification.

Unlike the site with free ads above, e-commerce sites such as Konga, Kaymu, Mygadgetsmall, Jumia and so on give a guarantee on their products because they are real products advertised by the company itself on the site.

So just go to their website and make your purchase. You can also pay online via your bank card or you pay on delivery.

However, they offer free delivery on Jumia.



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