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Jumia is the place to visit for every type of generator for your home use and for your commercial purposes. The online outlet had proven itself to be reliable in all sense of the word.

And every product you order from jumia has a return policy attached to it.

If you are not satisfied with the product after it has been delivered or you have ordered it is not what you have ordered;

You can always return the generator and any other product you have ordered from jumia store.

They will get you a perfect replacement. You will only need to go through the refund process if you have already paid for the product before you discover it.

Such a situation can be avoided if you go for the Pay On Delivery Option provided by Jumia, which makes it possible for you to first see and inspect the product before buying.

Today, you are going to see the list of best Jumia Generators in Nigeria being sold on jumia website and their exclusive great features.


This generator is or superior in quality and durable. Sumec Firman SPG1800 Manual Start Generator adopts an advanced technology in body and design.

It comes with single phase and it is highly fictional for all your electrical needs in the home. It is also a power factor of 1.

Its engine is a 4.0HP affair and it is therefore capable of handling all electrical needs available in the home. It also comes with a single cylinder and also has 4-stoke.

The generator is designed to use unleaded gasoline and can be started using the recoil system. Its fuel capacity is 15 liters. It lasts for a long time before its fuel gets exhausted.

The generator is built to work silently and it can power all your home appliances without disturbing the whole place with noise.

In total, the generator only weighs about 29kg. it comes with the measure of voltage being generated by the generator.

It also comes with an alarm system that informs you when the fuel is low. The generator comes in yellow color.

Below are the outstanding features of this generator.

Key Features

  • Single phase
  • Power factor is 1
  • Approximate weight is 29kg
  • Starting system is recoil system
  • Fuel tank capacity is 15L
  • Engine compositions are 4.0HP, Single cylinder, 4-Stroke, OHV, Air Cooled
  • Fuel use is Unleaded gasoline
  • Noise level @ 7m is just 68dB
  • 12VDC / 8.3A output
  • Voltmeter
  • Oil alarm system
  • Color is Yellow.

Sumec Firman generator SPG 2200 1.8KVA max./1.5kva rated, is one of the newest model of firman generator family.

This generator is sure to work for flat or up to 6 rooms. It’s A / C output is 220v-1.8kva max./1.5kva phase.

It comes with single phase alternator built with 100% copper wire, brushless, self-exciting synchronous 2pole.

Its tank capacity is 5.5litres and its runtime per thankful is 9hours at 50% load fuel.

Petrol noise level is at 7meters and at 63db. Its weight is 24.5kg.

The generator is built to make it easy for everyone in the home to operate it. It responds very fast anytime you kick it.

Also, the generator features inbuilt plug and power. It is one generator that can give you the best value on every dime you spend on it.

Its starting system is the recoil system, which makes use of a rope. Its durability is one of the factors that set this generator apart from the crowd.

Yes, it is very durable and it lasts for a long time without any hitch.

The end user is also advised to check on oil level and change the oil when such is necessary.

Key Features:

  • It is highly durable
  • It is also very easy to handle
  • Its A / C Output is 220v-1.8kva and a maximum or 1.5kva phase
  • It comes with built-in power and plug
  • Approximate weight is 25kg.
  • Color is Red

Sumec Firman Generator is exactly what you need in your home and office to ensure a stable power supply.

It has a return start system that does not give any form of hassle when you want to start the generator.

It has a simple operation and can feed most of your household appliances and electronics.

It has a single cylinder and sufficient engine power, making it suitable for most household appliances and more.

It features a voltage regulator that provides superior protection for your equipment; this makes it a very reliable generator to have.

It has an impressive fuel tank that provides more hours of electricity. It is also energy-efficient, so that fuel is not consumed quickly.

It has a portable build that ensures that it does not take up much space, wherever it is intended.

The generator makes little noise and can, therefore, be used at home without much noise.

In total, it weighs 55 kg, and can run for 13 full hours while the fuel tank is being filled.

It can be indicated using both the electrical system and the return system. It is made of 100% copper and this ensures that it will last for a long time.

Some of the striking features are 2 poles, dynamo brush, and so on. It is a single-phase generator and has no DC output. The A / C output is 2.7KVA.

When you purchase the generator from Jumia, you have access to free home delivery, one of the great features that set Jumia apart from the rest.

Moreover, jumia delivers on time and you also see that the price is very affordable compared to what you get when you buy at another outlet, apart from jumia.

Most important features

  • The AC output is rated 220V 3.2kva max./2.7kva
  • It has no DC output
  • It is a single-phase type generator
  • The weight is 55kg
  • The capacity of the fuel tank is 15 liters
  • 100% copper enameled wire
  • The dimensions are 597 x 465 x 487
  • Noise level is 7meters 66dB
  • Fuel used by the generator is gasoline
  • Start system is both recoil and electric
  • The running time per full tank is 13 hours at 50% tax
  • Its engine characteristics are Max. 6.5HP 4-stroke single-cylinder, OHV, air-cooled engine
  • It also features brush with alternator, self-exciting, synchronous, 2-pole
  • Color is red.



The Lutian Generator-LT3900 – 3.8kva with Key Starter is designed with high-quality automatic voltage regulators (AVR) that enable safe operation of sensitive electronic equipment.

It comes with an oil alarm system that indicates a low oil level, which automatically turns off to protect the engine.

The Lutian Generator-LT3900 comes with an electric key starter for easy and very simple and quick starting.

It is also integrated with an alternative tug-of-war mechanism for starting the generator set.

It has an easy-to-read display that shows the running frequency, volt and amp meter, automatic circuit breaker.

It is equipped with two wheels that can move easily.

The generator is supplied with a transistor magneto ignition system. The AC output is up to 3.8KVA.

This makes it possible to carry all your electrical needs in the house and it will be of service to you without any problems.

One of the things that distinguish the generator is the kickback and key start function that makes it possible to start it with rope or electricity.

The oil capacity in the generator is 0.6 liters and the fuel capacity is up to 15 liters. The engine comes with a single cylinder and also has 4-strokes. It is also a motor with one phase.

Note that it is built to last; therefore changing the oil often will make it work for years without problems.

Most important features

  • The ignition system is Transistor Magneto
  • It has a single phase type
  • Fuel capacity is 15 liters
  • The capacity of the lubricating oil is 0.6 liters
  • The A / C output is 3.8kva Max./3.5kva-rated
  • Motor type is Air-cooled, 4-stroke, Single cylinder
  • The starting system is Key Start (Electric) + Recoil (Rope Start)
  • Color is black.

The Lutian Generator-LT3600 manual starter 3.5kva is designed with high-quality voltage regulators that enable safe operation of sensitive electronic equipment.

The Lutian Generator-LT3600 comes with a manual starter for simple and quick pulling mechanisms for controlling the generator set.

It has an easy-to-read display that shows the running frequency, volt and amp meter, automatic circuit breaker. It has two wheels for easy movement.

The generator has a DC output of 12V. It also comes with a transistor magnetic lobe ignition system.

It has a total oil capacity of 0.6L and fuel capacity, on the other hand, is 15L.

The generator is made with 100% copper. The result is that it can go smoothly for years.

The air-cooled engine is made to meet all your electrical needs at home. You get top value on every cent you spend on the purchase of the generator.


Key Features:

  • DC is 12V
  • The ignition system is the transistor magnetic lobe
  • The oil capacity is 0.6L
  • The capacity of the fuel tank is 15 liters
  • AC frequency is 50Hz
  • Made with 100% copper
  • Motor type is air-cooled and has a 4-stroke single cylinder.
  • Rated A.C Output is 2.5kva
  • A maximum A.C output is 3.5kva
  • The estimated weight is 40kg
  • Made according to the US standard
  • Shipping weight is 42kg
  • Has a very low noise level
  • Color is black.

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You can inspect it well before you pay after the product has been delivered to you.

This is one of the very important reasons why you should only purchase from the Jumia website at Jumia generators.

So these are the very best available generators on Jumia Outlet, they are very cheap and affordable.

So give it a try today and spice up the beauty of light/electricity in your home.

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