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What you’ll learn: Simple methods to check your Glo data balance using any of the three ways that is briefly explained below in this post.

And so today I decided to write on this topic; “How to check your Glo Data Balance” because I know a good number of you will in one way or the other experience such case.

Last time, while I was busy flexing my Glo Data, surfing the internet and streaming some videos on-line, it never crossed my mind to check the amount of data was left on me.

Basically, not been ready to check my glo data balance was caused by 2 main factors.

  1. Being that it absolutely was a recent subscription, exactly a 2 days recent subscription.
  2. To tell you the reality, I didn’t know the way to check my remaining Glo data.

One funny factor I did to regulate the usage of my Glo data was to set a data Bandwidth on my Glo sim card directly from my Smartphone device.

Yea I do know right, using data and I don’t know how to check the balance, and meanwhile I know there are a lot of folks in same situation that can’t check their glo data balance as a result of they don’t know the way to check it.

But trust me, I needed to check the amount of data I had left, thus I created a quest this morning and went into research to compile the list of ways to really check your Glo data Balance.

If you were within the same shoes as i used to be these years, then seriously you would like to induce out as a result of the strategy isn’t in anyway favoring you and therefore the cash spent subscribing.

If you’re having issues checking your Glo data Balance then this post is specifically created for you.



After long analysis and reading articles from completely different blogs, I finally came up with three completely different and straightforward ways within which any Glo data user will check what percentage or proportion of data is left from his plan.

So it’s left for you (readers) to pick any of this method is simple and best works for you.

Below are the three (3) ways that has been tested by me to check my Glo data Balance take it slow and skim quickly.


I call this one the “Ultimate Method” because this method provides you with everything you needed to know about your Glo data.

Just in case you don’t wish any stress whereas making an attempt to check your data I recommended you utilize this simple method because it is easy and understanding.

This can be used to check your glo bonus data balance also.

If you wish to check your Glo data Balance using the SMS method it’s simple all you simply must do is to find your message menu and create a message with the word “INFO” and send to 127.

Once done, just wait for some minutes to get an SMS from Glo, this SMS will contain the amount/quantity and expiry date of your current Glo subscription plan.



For those who like pressing of numbers than texting here is yours, with an easy dial you’ll check your glo data Balance though this technique goes in 2 ways then.

Please read all carefully to pick the one that suits you.

The first USSD code technique is to dial the subsequent code *127*0# to check your Glo data Balance simply. Or,

One might use the second method Dial *777#, opt for the current or present plan of a subscription, further choose to Manage data,  then Data Balance and expect the response message from the network.

Mind you, all this methods are operating fine and will surely display your full Glo Data Balance.



YES, this is just the last method for it today, and this technique is for the internet lovers.

It’s so simple as it sounds, you can check your Glo data Balance while you’re busy surfing and browsing the net same time.

In order to check your Glo Data Balance online it’s quite easy, simply open a new tab on your browser, note; any browser (opera, UC browser, Chrome or Firefox) will work for this process;

When the tab opens, in your browser simply move to this web address hsi.glo.com and follow the directions to check your Glo data Balance.


So, that’s all for today on how to check Glo data Balance, hope you enjoyed and discovered what you were trying to find.

Ensure you check out other Nigerian network and their data balance codes here.

Share this post along with your friends WHO you think that don’t have any plan regarding checking their Glo data Balance to avoid wasting them the stress.

You can hit the comment box if you’ve got any queries or suggestions.


Thank you!

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