How Internet Dating is Changing the World

It’s time for another guest post! This week Kate Croston suggests how internet dating is changing the world.

It raises some interesting points!, eHarmony, OKCupid… all of these websites have one thing in common: they are geared exclusively towards matching singles with one another in an attempt to form relationships and connections that likely would not have occurred otherwise.

Internet dating, which started over two decades ago, has flooded the dating world. Sure, people are still meeting in the more traditional ways – through friends, at bars, during social events – but it’s becoming more and more common for a love story to start with how they met each other online.

Internet dating is changing the way we view dating and thus is changing the world.

1. Allows people all over the world to connect–Before internet dating came about you were pretty limited in the people that you dated. For the most part you only met and dated people who were in close proximity to you, unless you happened to meet at a social event that took you out of your home state or through mutual friends.

Now you can meet anyone anywhere and connect. Geographical regions are no longer as big of a restriction with dating.

2. Provides a safe environment – For the people that either don’t get out much socially or are too shy to actually strike up a conversation with someone in person, internet dating has provided a type of safe haven.

It allows people to come out of their shells and put themselves out there more because they can effectively hide behind the computer screen until they feel more comfortable with interacting one on one. This means that more and more people have the ability to form meaningful relationships when they otherwise might not have done so.

3. Freeing up more time to focus on other things – Instead of worrying about getting out of the house and staging different events in hopes of meeting people we are able to rely on the internet to conjure up dates for us, all the while allowing us to focus more on other things, like work or our hobbies, and less on being present at the next happy hour or asking friends for blind dates. It provides the perfect alternative when getting out and finding love isn’t your main focus.

4. Gives people more confidence – You can be whoever you want to be on the internet. In a few clicks you’re suddenly exactly the person you’ve dreamed of being instead of being held back by preconceived notions or descriptions from friends.

If you’re looking to makeover yourself and find someone that is completely outside of the people you already know, then internet dating offers a viable solution.

5. Breeds more reliance on technology – We are becoming increasingly dependent on technology, and allowing it to handle our dating lives only furthers that dependence. Instead of getting out and away from our computers and smartphones we’re spending more time than ever on them.
Instead of getting out and involved we’re holing up and sending emails and chatting online.

Internet dating has made a significant impact on how we go about our lives. The impact of it is neither inherently bad or good – just different. However as technology continues to grow it’s safe to say that internet dating will flourish as well.

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