GTBank Internet Banking: How To Get Started (Step-By-Step Guide)

gtbank internet banking

Online internet banking has been a major improvement in the banking sector, which was brought by as a result of fast-growing technology (ICT) developments.

Hence, Gtbank internet banking was one of the first to adopt such improvement in Nigeria. After then, this form of banking was integrated into so many banks and Nigeria Financial institutions.

With this effect, Nigerian banking has been made safer, easier and faster. Moreover, the opening of new bank accounts becomes easier and fun to get as well.

Today, you will get to know about Gtbank online internet banking form, registration guides and how to get started for easy banking in the comfort of your home.

Before that, let’s see what Internet Banking is all about…


What is Internet Banking?

I believe this is not your first time of hearing internet banking; meanwhile, you will get to know more of what it means and how it works.

Internet Banking is simply an electronic payment system that enables customers of a financial institution e.g. (Banks) to conduct a range of monetary transactions through the financial institution website.

So we can say Gtbank internet banking is an electronic system of payment that enables guaranty trust bank customers to perform a range of monetary transactions through the official gtbank website.


How Internet Banking Works:

Here are the simple steps required to get started with online internet banking.

  • First, walk into the nearest branch of your bank and request for internet banking form and fill it carefully.
  • Now you will receive internet banking login details on the phone number associated with your bank account or email address.
  • Then navigate to the bank’s website and login with your user id and password.
  • Voila! You now have unlimited access to your account making both local and international transactions.


How to Register for GTBank Internet Banking

Now, you must have known what Gtbank online internet banking is all about and how it works, then let’s proceed with registration.

You can choose to register by visiting any nearest branch of the bank or register online by filling a form and sending a scanned copy to the gtbank email address.

However, I will discuss the two methods in this article and then you make your choice.

  1. The Online Method: Registration, Getting your User ID & Password and then Login to GTbank Internet Banking Platform.

  • Download gtb internet banking application and token request form.
  • Fill the form, scan it along with other required documents (a passport photograph, valid ID and any 1-3 month old utility bill) and send to
  • Wait for your application to be processed and once its approved, your gtb internet banking user id and password will be sent to your email.
  • If you didn’t receive login details, you can call gtbank customer care or visit gtbank website, click on register and provide the required details or dial *737*6*5# with your alertz number.
  • Visit the gtbank online banking login page and click on Login under internet banking.
  • Go through the scam alert notice and locate the green image that says “Click here to login”.
  • Input your user ID carefully, with your keyboard and password with the onscreen keyboard.
  • Then click on Login to access your Gtb online internet banking dashboard.


  1. The Offline Method: Registration format, Obtaining ID & Password and Signing in.

  • Visit the nearest gtbank branch closer to you with a valid ID and 1-3 months old utility bill.
  • Carefully fill the internet banking and token request form issued to you.
  • You can decide to purchase a token which is N2000 – 2500 Naira. The Token is a digital device that randomly generates special numbers needed to make third-party transactions.
  • Most persons hardly go for the token, so you can go ahead with the registration without purchasing the token.
  • Your login details will be sent to your mail once your application has been approved.
  • Now, visit the Gtb online banking login portal and log-in with your User ID and Password.


Benefits of Registering for Gtbank Online Internet Banking.

Gtbank online banking system provides many benefits for its users and customers once you apply for it.

Apart from that, you can access the platform 24 hours every day from the comfort of your home or office on any internet enabled mobile device and computer.

Below are the benefits you stand to get, once you register for Gtbank online banking system:

  • Funds Transfer: Easy transfer of money locally and internationally.
  • Online Services: Booking hotel, payment for flights ticket and visa fees.
  • Checking of account balance, monitor transactions, and print account statement.
  • Manage Cheques: Request, confirm and stop cheques.
  • Bill Payments: NEPA/PHCN bill, water bill and satellite TV subscriptions like (dstv Subscription, gotv, startimes, kwese, tstv) etc.
  • Manage Login Details: Reset password, changing password and update your personal profile details.
  • Easy Transfer of foreign currencies (Dollars, Euro, Pounds) from your domiciliary account to anyone in the world.


Ways you can Retrieve Forgotten GTB Internet Banking Login Details Without Visiting the Bank.

Do you know that you can easily retrieve your gtbank internet banking login Details including the User ID and password if you forgot them?

You can retrieve your gtb internet banking login details through the following ways;

  • Calling gtbank customer care.
  • Using Gtbank 737 service code.
  • Texting gtb customer service.
  • Visiting Gtbank internet banking Login Portal.
  • Using gtbank official website.


Retrieving Gtbank Online Login Details With 737 Service Code

  • Simply  Dial *737*6*5# and follow the on-screen prompts to retrieve your gtbank mobile/internet online banking login details.


Retrieving Gtbank Online Login Details using gtbank website (

  • First, visit
  • Then click on Register under internet banking.
  • Carefully provide your account number, required digits of your card, card expiry date, card pin and enter the captcha shown.
  • Now, click on the continue button.
  • Your login details will be sent to the email address you registered with.


Oh yes, that’s all on gtbank internet banking. Its features, the benefits, how it works, how to register, and retrieving of forgotten login details.

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