Glo Data Plans for Android Phones and Tablets

Glo data plans

Okay, let’s talk about Globacom Nigeria and some available Glo Data Plans in 2019.

Glo, as their Motto implies, is the “Grandmasters of Data

This is the only company that claims to give you “Unmatched Data Value” also known as “Unfair Advantage“.

Indeed, Glo data plans are without a doubt the cheapest internet bundles in Nigeria offering unlimited data bundle to its users.

However, there has been some major heads up and arguments if the advantage is really Unfair as they claim? Well, I guess so.

Glo internet plans offer the best volume for money and seem to be the best in offering whopping data bundles when compared with other internet service provider networks.

Hence, the quality of internet service provided by Glo Nigeria is something to question and this has been a major case lingering around among the users.

Nevertheless, Glo got this poor rating due to poor internet services in the past and things seem to have changed a little bit.

Following the new updates being rolled out in the last couple of months, Glo network service has been improved but this improvement is yet to reach all locations in Nigeria.

Glo also now offer high-speed 3G and 4G internet services to its users across the globe and in Nigeria.

Glo Data Plans are very affordable with flexible internet browsing plans having the best-priced data plans so far.

You can check out these data plans from other telecom’s: MTN Data Plans | Smile Nigeria Internet Plans | Ntel Data Plans.

So today we will share the latest Glo Internet Plans, the subscription codes, prices and how to check Glo data balance!


Glo Data Plan, Subscription Code & Prices

Here, are some interesting Glo internet data plans for Android Phones, Tablets, and all Gadgets.


Glo Data Plan                                      Price                Activation Code          Duration

10MB (12.5MB with Bonus)                    #25                        *127*32#                      24 hours

22MB (27.5MB with bonus)                   #50                         *127*14#                      24 hours

80MB (100MB with Bonus)                  #100                        *127*51#                      24 hours

210MB (262MB with Bonus)                #200                       *127*56#                      5 days

800MB (100MB with Bonus)               #500                        *127*57#                      14 days

1.6GB (2GB with Bonus)                     #1,000                       *127*53#                      30 days

3.65GB (4.5GB with Bonus)               #2,000                      *127*55#                       30 days

5.75GB (7.2GB with Bonus)               #2,500                       *127*58#                      30 days

7GB (8.75GB with Bonus)                  #3,000                       *127*54#                      30 days

10GB (12.5GB with bonus)                 #4,000                      *127*59#                      30 days

12.5GB (15.6GB with Bonus)              #5,000                       *127*2#                        30 days

20GB (25GB with Bonus)                   #8,000                        *127*1#                        30 days

26GB (32.5GB with Bonus)               #10,000                     *127*11#                        30 days

42GB (52.5GB with Bonus)              #15,000                       *127*12#                       30 days

50GB (62.5GB with Bonus)              #18,000                      *127*13#                       30 days

63GB (78.75GB with Bonus)            #20,000                     *127*33#                       30 days



The bonus data is available to both old and new subscribers/users, also you only get it once you renew your current plan before it expires.

For example, when you subscribe to 1,000 Naira for the first time, you will get only 1.6GB which is valid for (1 month) 30 days.

Then, if you now renew this same plan within that 30 days period, (before the expiration date), you will automatically get 2GB instead of 1.6GB data bundle.

To keep getting the 2GB bonus data, you need to continue renewing your plan before expiration until you stop renewing.


Glo Data Plan Limits

Note that Glo internet Plan has safe use download-upload limits, and therefore once you get to this limit, your internet access will be terminated.

Immediately its being deactivated, you can’t connect again not minding if the validity period has reached.

(Glo Always Micro) is a great internet package for mobile phones including Android phones, Tablets, and all Gadgets.

For you to activate (Glo Always Micro) just text 53 to 127 or dial *127*53#.

Also, if you are yet to activate your mobile phone for Glo internet service, kindly, send Activate to 127.

Glo Internet services are currently available on 4G, 3.5G, 3G, EDGE, and GPRS.

But, outside 4G coverage, you can access internet services on Glo’s GPRS/EDGE networks

Glo has a wireless HSI Router which goes for N30,000 with 1-month free rental and has a high-speed internet network which can connect up to 100 Wi-Fi enabled devices.

However, this HIS Router can be used to share your network wirelessly like in an office environment, Home or at School.


How To Check Glo Data Balance

Here, we provided a well-detailed article on how to check your Data Balance on all network. You can always check your data balance anytime any day.

Although, this seems to be an issue for Glo users, then here you have it again. Follow the below steps and get it.

First Method: To check your remaining data balance, simply dial *127*0#.

Second Method: SMS the word “INFO” and send to 127, you will receive a text message immediately showing you the details of how much data left for you.


So there you have it on the available Glo Data Plans for Android Phones, the subscription codes and their prices in 2019.

If you have any questions, complaints or suggestions, drop them via the comment box below and I will reply you soonest.

Hopefully, I know you enjoyed this post, kindly help in sharing with your friends who might be in need of it on social media networks.

Thank you!

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