Etisalat Data Plan, 9Mobile Subscription Codes & Prices 2019

etisalat data plan

Etisalat Data Plan or 9mobile Data Plan is one of the cool and affordable internet bundle plans among all internet service providers in Nigeria (ISP).

Etisalat Nigeria network formally known, has now changed to 9Mobile, even to this effect, most users majorly recognize the network as still Etisalat due to its reputation gained from its customers.

Etisalat Nigeria or 9mobile Nigeria is the network that users who intend to browse at top speed desire a lot, along with its cheap and fascinating Data plans.

In comparing the best 3G networks, Etisalat stands out among the best, having a top speed network as fast as the 4G Broadband networks.

Most subscribers, who can’t afford a broadband network like Ntel, Spectranet or Smile Nigeria, don’t have any choice than to choose the next alternative which is Etisalat.

However, Etisalat data plan or 9mobile subscription codes are simplified and made available just like other popular internet service providers subscription plans.

One of the major advantage in using Etisalat data subscription is the ability to roll over your unused data to another month same as the Glo Data Plans.

So, today I will share with you the full list of Etisalat internet bundle plan, Etisalat/9Mobile subscription codes, Prices in Nigeria and how to check data balance.


Full List of Etisalat Internet Bundle Plan – 9mobile Subscription codes

Below here are the best of 9mobile/Etisalat Data Plan, You can easily subscribe to any of the plan using the codes provided below.


Etisalat data Plans               Prices               Subscription Codes                Validity

10MB                                           #50                               *229*3*8#                              24hours

40MB                                          #100                             *229*3*1#                              24hours

150MB                                       #200                             *229*2*10#                            7days

500MB                                      #500                              *229*2*12#                            30days

1GB                                           #1,000                            *229*2*7#                              30days

1.5GB                                        ₦1,200                           *229*2*25#                            30days

2.5GB                                       ₦2,000                           *229*2*8#                              30days

4GB                                         #3,000                              *229*2*35#                            30days

5.5GB                                      #4,000                              *229*2*36#                            30days

11.5GB                                    #8,000                               *229*2*5#                              30days


To disable or opt out of auto-renewal, simply dial *229*0#.


Etisalat Night Plans (Night & Weekends)

The Etisalat Night Plans (Night & Weekends) are very cheap and affordable; actually, this is made especially for Night Crawlers.

If you are the type who enjoys night browsing or prefer to stay awake and work throughout the night, then this is for you.

Luckily, Etisalat night plans are very cheap, with as low as N200 naira, you can get a whopping 1GB of data to browse all through the night.

Now let’s see below all the available Etisalat night bundle plans.


  • 1GB Night Plan

First on our list is the 1GB Night plan which cost only N200 naira. The validity period is from (12 am – 5 am). To activate; simply dial *229*3*11# and subscribe.


  • 2GB Evening & Weekend Plan

Here, the Etisalat evening and weekend data plan offers you 2GB internet bundle which lasts for 30days (1 month). It costs for only N1000 Naira.

This offer is only available on weekends and evening times, mainly from (7 PM – 7 AM) for weekdays and 24/7 on weekends.

To activate; simply dial *229*3*12# and subscribe.


  • 5GB Evening & Weekend Plan

This plan is the same as the one above, both works only on weekends and evening times. Hence, you get 5GB data bundle with just N2000 naira only.

It is valid for 30 days (1 month), and can only be used from 7 PM – 7 AM on weekdays and 24/7 on weekends.

To activate; simply Dial *229*3*13# and subscribe.


Etisalat Smartpaks (For Social Media Networks)

The Etisalat smartpak plan is a special package made for subscribers/users who love social media networks and online video streaming.

You stand the chance of getting unlimited access to social media networks like BBM, WeChat, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.

Below are the available Etisalat Smartpaks made only for Social media networks:


  1. Chat Pak

First is the Chat Pak, the Etisalat chat pak is mainly for chatting on social media and it gave access to merely only three apps; (Whatsapp, WeChat, and BBM).


Plans              Price        Subscription Code            Access To

Daily             #50            *343*5*5#                   WhatsApp, WeChat, BBM

Weekly        #150           *343*5*6#                   WhatsApp, WeChat, BBM

Monthly      #400          *343*5*7#                   WhatsApp, WeChat, BBM


  1. Social ME Pak

Secondly, is the Etisalat Social ME Pak, same as the Chat Pak but gave access to more social media networks.

It provides daily, weekly and monthly access to social media networks like BBM, WeChat, Eskimi, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook.

Daily Plan goes for #100. To Activate simply dial *343*6*7#. Access only to (BBM, WeChat, Eskimi, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook).

Weekly Plan goes for #300. To subscribe, simply dial *343*6*8#. Accessible only for (BBM, WeChat, Eskimi, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook).

The monthly plan goes for #700. To activate, just dial *343*6*9#. Only for (BBM, WeChat, Eskimi, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook).


  1. Video Pak

The Etisalat Video Pak is for subscribers/users who love to stream videos online or watching videos online.

The Etisalat Video Pak provides you with unlimited fast internet access for a limited time to stream and watch Video online.


Plans                Price        Subscription Code            Access To

Daily                #400        *229*3*5#            Unlimited video stream from any app

Weekly            #500        *253*1#                   Unlimited video stream from any app

Monthly          #1000        *253*2#                Unlimited video stream from any app


  1. Special Good Chat Pak

The Special Good Chat Pak is more like a higher version of the Chat Pak, it provides all the features and advantages of Chat Pak but with an additional 1.5GB data allowance.

This offers you the Chat Pak + 1.5GB data allowance and costs only N500 Naira with 7days (1 week) validity period.

The Special Good Chat Pak adds facebook chat to the list of Chat Pak accessible social media apps making it 4 as (BBM, Wechat, WhatsApp and Facebook).

To subscribe; simply dial *343*5*10#.


  1. Special Good Social Pak

The Etisalat Special Social Pak offers the complete features and advantages of Social Pak, with an additional 2GB data allowance.

This plan offers you the Social ME Pak + 2GB data allowance with one week validity period and costs just N700 only.

The Special Good Social Pak now gives you access to additional social media websites like; BBM, Eskimi, Instagram, Wechat, Kakao Talk, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter.

To subscribe, simply dial *343*6*12#.


How to check your Etisalat Data Balance:

To check your data balance on the Etisalat network just dial *228#


How to buy 9mobile data plan:

If, in case you want to buy data plans simply dial *229# and follow the prompt or use any of the subscription codes we provided in this article for instant access and fast subscription.


There you have it on Etisalat Data Plan, 9mobile subscription codes and prices for androids and Smartphone’s in 2018.

Hopefully, I know you found this article helpful, kindly help unfold the word by sharing this post along with your friends on social media.

Thank you!

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