DSTV Subscription Packages, Plans and Prices in Nigeria 2019

dstv subscription packages

DSTV Subscription Packages is by far the cheapest Pay TV subscriptions in Nigeria.

DSTV is simply the best Satellite Cable TV service in Nigeria, owned and managed by Multichoice Africa Limited.

Digital Satellite Tv (DSTV) was first launched in Nigeria as at 1995, ever since then it has been known to offer exclusive packages to their fast-growing subscribers/users.

DsTv currently has two best decoders (HD & Explora) decoders, and also offer satellite base cable TV to over 48 African countries globally.

Getting a Decoder is the first move to make if you intend using DSTV Nigeria satellite cable and then a subscription package or bouquet plan.

However, dstv Nigeria has about 6 subscription plans/packages, having both the premium plan of 15,800 naira monthly and the cheapest plan for 1,600 naira monthly.

Last time we published an article on how to pay DsTv Subscription using Quickteller.

Today, I will share with you the different DsTv subscription packages, plans and its prices in Nigeria.

But before that let’s see the prices of the (2) dstv decoders available in Nigeria.


Prices of DsTv Decoders Available in Nigeria 2019

Currently, there are only (2) types of dstv decoders available in Nigeria. They are;

  1. DsTv HD Decoder

DsTv HD Decoder is the most common decoder among Nigerians; it’s the cheapest decoder having a price range from 11,900 to 20,900 naira.

It has a very cool and easy to use features unlike the Explora decoder and provides access to all channels.

  • HD with Dish Kit and 1 Month DStv Compact Subscription = N11,900 Naira.
  • HD + Dish Kit and 1 Month DStv Compact Plus Subscription = N15,750 Naira.
  • HD + Dish Kit and 1 Month DStv Premium Subscription = N20,900 Naira.


  1. DsTv Explora

DsTv Explora Decoder is the best and most expensive decoder, not all average Nigerians go for this.

It has a price range of 52,100 naira to 61,000 naira depending on which accessories it comes with alongside the hardware.

Dstv explora decoder has more unique and superior features than the HD decoder, like the Pause features, Recording, Resume & Rewind features, Internet Access etc.

  • Explora decoder + Dish kit, Smart LNB and 1 Month DStv Compact Subscription = N52,100 Naira.
  • Explora decoder + Dish kit, Smart LNB and 1 Month DStv Compact Plus Subscription = N55,950 Naira.
  • Explora Decoder with Dish kit, Smart LNB and 1 Month DStv Premium Subscription = N61,100 Naira.


DsTv Subscription Packages; Bouquet Plans and Prices

Below here are basically six (6) packages/plans available on DStv Nigeria.

  1. Premium Package

  2. Compact Plus Package

  3. Compact Package

  4. Family Package

  5. Access Package

  6. FTA Plus Package.

  • DsTv Premium Package

The premium package happens to be the most expensive plan among all, having about 183 TV channels to choose from.

The channels include; news and commerce, entertainment and movies, sports, lifestyle and culture, specialists, documentary, local, children, music, religion and audio channels.

The subscription/renewal price costs 15,800 Naira monthly.


  • DsTv Compact Plus Package

DsTv Compact Plus Package is the second most expensive plan after the premium package, it has about 174 TV channels.

The renewal price for this package costs 10,650 Naira monthly.


  • DsTv Compact Package

DsTv compact package is the third most expensive subscription plan for dstv users in Nigeria, it has about 165 TV Channels.

The renewal price costs only 6,800 Naira monthly.


  • DsTv Family Package

The DsTv Family Package is also among the few expensive packages for Nigerians, having about 110 TV channels to choose from.

The Renewal Price costs only 4,000 Naira monthly.


  • DsTv Access Package

DsTv Access Package seems to be among the cheapest subscription package so far made for Nigerians. It has about 91 TV Channels to choose from.

This package Renewal Price costs only 2,000 Naira monthly.


  • DsTv FTA Plus Package

And this is the best and cheapest subscription package for Nigerians, but having only 6 Local Channels.

It costs 1,600# monthly for subscription/renewal.


DsTv Alternatives in Nigeria

Oh yeah, definitely not everyone can afford this DsTv decoder and its monthly subscription packages.

Believe me, there are other Cable TV Decoders and PayTv service/packages you can try out in Nigeria.

Below are a few of them drafted out for you, do check out on them and you will never regret you did.

  • GoTv Nigeria.
  • Kwese Nigeria.
  • Startimes Nigeria.
  • TsTv Nigeria.

Nevertheless, here is a well-detailed article for you on GoTv Subscription in Nigeria; you can check it out to see how to make GoTv Payment and how to subscribe.

Also in case you have any issue you need to get through to GoTv, here are the available GoTv Customer care numbers and contact details.


Alright, there you have it on DsTv Subscription Packages, Bouquet Plans, and Prices in Nigeria 2019.

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