How to Donate on Twitch

how to donate on twitch

As a twitch user or viewer, you must agree with me that what keeps you going or interested in the platform is the ability to interact with streamers.

Also, the pleasure you derive when watching useful broadcasts on the platform free of charge.

However, to encourage these broadcasters that make the platform lively is by donations.

Are you looking for how to donate on Twitch and how to set up donations on Twitch but find it difficult?

Here on this page, you will get to learn all that, and you will see how easy it is.

Twitch offers various kinds of donations for streamers or viewers to choose the one suitable for them.

This article will show you the best types of donations available on Twitch and guidelines on how to donate on Twitch.

I hope you are ready for it, right? Follow me, let’s see.

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How to Donate on Twitch

Donations made on Twitch are mostly donated to Twitch streamers to help and encourage them on the job he/she does online.

You, as a viewer, only need to support them by donations and setting up donations on Twitch.

Donations made will help to boost their morale, and such will make them not to cease providing streams on the platform.

Now, let’s see the best ways on how to set up donations on Twitch and how to donate on Twitch.

This is the very first way of making donations on Twitch by sending money directly to the streamer’s wallet or credit card.

You can donate on Twitch with PayPal by sending money directly to the PayPal wallet of the streamer via the email address.

This is the best way to go for people who have a PayPal account.

To achieve the process, follow the steps below:

  • Log in to your Twitch account.
  • Open the channel of the streamer you wish to donate to.
  • On the page, scroll to the bottom and locate the “Donate” button or (Donations).
  • Click on it, and you will be directed to a window to fill your details.
  • Enter your username, amount of donation, and drop a message if you wish.
  • After that, you click on the “Donate” button, and you will be directed to a page to submit the payment.

With this process, you can donate money via PayPal account or Crypto wallet.

Bits are known as virtual currency provided by Twitch, of which one can only donate bits on the platform through the process called cheering.

Donating bits are made only by Partners and Affiliates, so, therefore, you need to be registered on the platform before being able to donate.

Hence, you need to obtain some bits before you can send or transfer to any streamer.

You can obtain bits either by purchasing online from the platform via Amazon Payment or watching short ads.

Let’s see the cheering process for how to donate bits on Twitch.

  • Log in to your Twitch account.
  • Then, find the channel you want to donate for.
  • Locate a chat window and click the animation that represents bits to know how many bits you own.
  • Now, type the word “Cheer” along with the number of bits you are donating (for example, “cheer500”); then drop your message.
  • After that, click on Enter, and your inputs will be submitted, hence giving you 5 seconds to cancel your message if any mistake.

Once it’s submitted, the streamer gets the bit cheered to the account automatically. One bit represents I cent donated.

Viewers who look for cheap and free donation methods on Twitch will be happy with this, and obviously, this method is for them.

Without donating any money, streamers do get little support from the time you spend on the platform.

I am sure; you don’t know about this. It is possible.

You can donate to a streamer by trying a game or an application.

However, streamers do place links on their channels with the “Donate for free” tag.

Below here is how to get down with the process.

  • Click on the link of the streamers channel with the “Donate for free” tag.
  • Choose any application you wish to try from the list (each app costs some number of coins).
  • Add the coins for the app you select to the streamer’s donation box and enter your Twitch account name.
  • Then, enter the store, download an app, and open it.
  • Now spend some time in the app while your donation is being sent to the creator.

This donation process is simple and easy, as there are so many free apps available for donating as much money you can.

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So far, we have seen the possible ways on how to set up donations on Twitch.

Hence, these donations help in developing creators and streamers on the platform.

It is very much important you make donations and support them in any of the above ways.

Any of the donations methods you choose to go with is very much appreciated as that will help bring encouragements and profits to them.

Therefore, you, as a viewer, never forget this great feature on Twitch. Try to make donations today.

This is all for you on how to donate on Twitch.


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