How to Cite a Survey

how to cite a survey

See, if you are doing research work or writing a research paper, you must know how to cite a survey.

After gathering the information collected in a survey and maybe using the information as well in your research work, then citation is essential.

Citing a survey will help verify your work and give you protection and plagiarism free content.

However, to cite a survey, you can use different formats like the APA style, MLA style, etc.

Here on this page, intogeek has provided the best citation formats and methods on how to go about it.

Let’s quickly see the convenient ways on how to cite a survey and the citation formats.

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Two Best Methods on How to Cite a Survey

First Method: Using Published Survey Data Sets 

  • Make sure to start your reference or citation list with the name of the author or publisher. Start with the last name of the author, followed by the first initial and middle initial.


  • The next thing is to add the date of publication of the author either and make sure it’s in parenthesis. The exact date is not required; you can add only the year.


  • Include the title of the data sets and the type of source and put them in italics font. Capitalize only the first letter of the first word.


  • List the distributor or publisher if it’s different from the author, but if the name of the publisher is listed as the author and no other publisher, then leave it.

If they are different, then include the name and add the description in a bracket and place a period after the parenthesis.


  • Provide a Link for the online sources, which is the exact URL of the website for the data set to close your citation list entry.

Here, you type “Retrieved from” and then the full direct site URL, but don’t put a period at the end of it.


  • Use the author’s name and year of publication in the body of your paperwork for in-text citations. This will help to direct the readers to the first reference list.


This is the (American Psychological Association) APA Citation Format for Reference List:

Author/Publisher. (Year). Title of data set [Data set]. Publisher/Distributor. Retrieved from URL

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Second Method: Referencing Your Survey 

  • The first thing here is to define and describe your survey correctly in your paperwork.

Include the survey details at the beginning of your paper, so readers know why you conducted the survey.

Carefully relate the topic of your paper to the survey you conducted and explain the reason and its necessity.


  • After describing your survey, then explain how it was carried out and the overview of your survey methods.

Include information about the demographics of people who participated in the survey that is, if the study is relevant to your paperwork.


  • Make precise citations of how your reference data came about either from the published survey or your survey.

Hence, since this is your survey, and it is not published anywhere, no need to include data set entry in the reference list on your paperwork.


  • You can add the copy of questions gotten during your survey as an appendix to your paperwork as such helps the readers review the study on their own.

You can give your questions label as “Appendix A” and label alphabetically with capital letters if there are multiple appendices.


  • You can also make use of parenthesis citations when referring to your appendix in the body or in-text of your paperwork.

After making the sentence, add the appendix you are referring to in parenthesis, so readers can easily find the information if they want.

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So, these are the various ways and methods one can use in the citation of a survey.

I believe you have learned something here and the exact steps on how to cite a survey.

Kindly do share with your friends and others so they can benefit as well.

Remember, sharing is caring.

Thank you!

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