how to become a project manager

how to become a project manager

Last time, I wrote a fantastic article on the A – Z guide of How to become a Counselor with the requirements needed to get started.

Today, I will share with you the most comprehensive guide on How to Become a Project Manager.

Being a Project Manager entails so many things, unlike becoming a Counselor.

Nevertheless, I will show you the available career path to becoming a project manager.

Many people who want to become a project manager but don’t know how to start keep asking questions like;

  • Can anyone be a Project Manager?
  • Can you be a Project Manager without a Degree?
  • What are the steps to become a Project Manager?
  • How to become a Project Manager without a Degree?
  • What qualifications do you need to become a Project Manager?

If you are among those asking any of these questions, worry no more! Here on this page, you will get to see the answers to all your questions.

Before we continue, let’s see what the Project Manager is all about.

What is a Project Manager?

Project Manager(s) can be seen as an individual who can plan, lead teams, organize projects, and see to the success or failure of any project.

They keep the project on time and within budget and are responsible for the outcome of the project.

Becoming a project manager takes little time and will require you to perform some tasks.

However, with this guide, you can quickly know how to build and grow yourself into becoming a certified project manager in due time.

Let’s quickly see the step-by-step guide on how to become a Project Manager.


How to Become a Project Manager in 6 Simple Steps

  1. Getting Started

Getting started in becoming a Project Manager requires you already got some organizational skills and leadership abilities.

If you have gotten the following listed above, then you are on the move of becoming a Project Manager, thereby treating your career path as a project.

While treating your career as a project, you can use your skills to get them done as soon as possible.

In building your career, apply more by hard-working, study hard to get good grades, and stay out of troubles.

With these done effectively, your journey to becoming a project manager just got started.


  1. Gain Informal Experience

Gaining an intimate experience on project management is another thing you need in knowing how to become a Project Manager.

You cannot just become a project manager overnight by poor handling of projects on advertisement websites or opening a project management stall.

Instead, you become a project manager by managing major projects around you which can be found all over the place.

This will help you gain the required experience needed and be ready to apply your skills in any situation.

You can manage projects on the fields of your interest, thereby providing you with opportunities on becoming a better project manager.

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  1. Work on Your Clients Skills

Knowing your client’s skills and working on it is what you must recognize as a Project Manager.

You can’t decipher a successful project by just sitting on a computer regularly to check out on charts.

Hence, you need to work hand in hand with your clients and other people involved in the project.

Thereby, get to know your clients, coach, and communicate with them while spending on the technical aspect of things.

By doing this, it will make your projects ending up being successful always.


  1. Make use of Project Management Tools

Learning how to use the tools for project management will be an excellent choice for you and an added advantage to your skill.

Working with these tools will help you show off your soft skills when you landed your first project management job.

These tools are specially designed to help and assist you as a project manager, providing you with scheduling, collaborations, and budgeting with your team.

Some of these tools include Atlassian, Basecamp, and Microsoft Project, etc.

The project management software is another great tool in the industry which helps in organizing and completing projects on time.

So knowing how to make use of this tool will be an added advantage to your resume.

However, aside from software and tools, you need to have the following skills as a project manager.

  • Budgeting
  • Communication
  • Contract management
  • Planning
  • Risk management
  • Scheduling

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  1. Get Certified

Being a certified project manager is a massive bonus in the project management community.

But, if you are not able to get it, no worry, it does not portray any adverse effect on your career.

To get certified, you can enroll for an online project management course and prepare yourself for the certification.

The best and highly recognized project management certification is the Project Management Professional (PMP).

This (PMP) is being awarded to working project managers having lots of skills, knowledge, and experience.

However, those with less experience can go for Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM).


  1. Get Yourself to Work

Now that you have learned the above steps and methods, including your free project management experience.

Alongside the interpersonal skills, making use of the project management tools and probably earned a certification.

Then, it is time to put yourself out there and get to work.

You can now apply for jobs and render services on project management if you can.

Once you are cleared with the above steps 1-5, you should be ready for work and be confident when landing your job.

Therefore, get your resume polished with great tips and be ready to land some job interviews.

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Since you wish to become a project manager, you must be agile, flexible, and be able to adapt to any changes within the environment.

Modern project management is now built on these qualities and hence make sure to keep on with your career path.

Make sure to always align with your clients and team members to enhance your connections.

Know their weaknesses and proffer proper time management, organizational skills, and leadership qualities with them.

With these done correctly, knowing how to become a project manager is guaranteed for you anytime any day.

So, take advantage of this today and see yourself becoming a better Project Manager.


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