How to Approve iPhone

how to approve iphone

See, if you don’t approve your iPhone, there is every possibility that you might get stuck while using the iPhone.

I guess you don’t know. That’s it.

Are you looking for how to approve iPhone from windows computer, from Mac or other iOS devices?

In this post today, you will get to see how to do all that comfortably with ease.

This is the A – Z Guide of how to approve iPhone devices.

I will provide you with the steps and processes on how to achieve that.

Also, I will show you how to avoid the “Approve this iPhone” feature.

You will be amazed to see how simple it is.

I hope you are ready for it now? Follow me quickly and read on.

Let’s see the available steps on how to approve iPhone and ways to avoid the feature.

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Easy Steps on How to Approve iPhone

Here, you can approve an iPhone using Mac or other iOS devices and even without another device.

Apple devices are one of the safest phone devices that provide strong security for your data and information.

Thus, this Approve iPhone system is part of the security verification features for devices.

Once you get a new iPhone device, you will be required to approve it using another iPhone, Mac, or other iOS devices.

However, you can disable this feature, but it is recommended that you keep it turned ON for security purposes.

Now let’s see the steps on how to approve an iPhone using Mac or any other iOS devices.

Step 1: Get the Verification Code

  • Firstly, get your Mac or another iOS device like (iPad/iPhone) and login to your iCloud account.
  • Then, go to Settings.
  • Click on Apple ID.
  • Next, you go to Password & Security.
  • Click on Get verification code option.
  • Finally, tap on, OK.

how to approve iphone

Step 2: Use the Verification Code

  • Go back and get the device asking for approval, that is, the one you want to approve.
  • Now, check, and you will see the tab asking for approval is no more there.
  • Automatically, your iPhone is approved.

Voila! You have successfully approved your iPhone device.

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2 Methods to Avoid “Approve this iPhone” feature

Do you always get stocked and frustrated with “Approve this iPhone” feature that pops up some times?

Now, I will show you the two best methods on how to avoid this while you enjoy using your iPhone.

Remember, this feature works in securing your iCloud data; therefore, try not to disable it, as you might put your data at risk.

Hence, I recommend you enable it and keep it ON to serve its purpose and not turn it off.

Nevertheless, here are the two simple ways on how to avoid this feature.

Let’s quickly see them.

  1. Turning off the Two Factor Authentication 

Step-1: Firstly, click on Cancel to skip the “Approve the iPhone” window once it pops up.

Step-2: Then, go to your iPhone Settings.

Step-3: Next, go to Apple ID.

Step-4: Locate Password & Security, and click on Two-factor authentication.

Step-5: Now, turn off the two-factor authentication.

how to approve iphone

Once this is done, you will be required to reset your iCloud/iTunes account password.

After that, you will receive an email notification, then follow the link and click on it.

Step-6: Now, go back to settings and retry the “Approve the iPhone” feature.

Step-7: Automatically, your iPhone device is approved without doing anything.

  1. Turning off the iCloud Keychain

Step-1: Firstly, click on Cancel to skip the window once it pops up.

Step-2: Now go to your iPhone Settings.

Step-3: Next, go to Apple ID.

Step-4: Then, turn off the iCloud keychain.

how to approve my iphone

Step-5: Now, switch off your iPhone and switch it on again.

Step-6: Go to the iPhone Settings again.

Step-7: Click on the Apple ID.

Step-8: And turn off the iCloud keychain again.

Step-9: Then, retry the window, and you won’t see the feature again.

Step-10: Automatically, your iPhone will be approved.

That’s it.

So, these are the available two methods on how to avoid this feature.

Hence, I only suggest you use them when needed at your own risk, and you will be responsible for how you protect your data.

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Now, you have learned how to approve iPhone by using the Apple ID verification code steps on Mac or other iOS devices.

Also, get to know how to avoid the “Approve this iPhone” feature on your device.

Make sure not to disable it permanently to avoid risking your data.

Take advantage of all this process and undergo your iPhone approval with ease anytime any day.

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