how to apply to grad school

how to apply to grad school

Grad school application is not an easy thing if you don’t know the tips for applying to graduate school.

If you are looking for how to apply to Grad School, then you are in the right place.

Here on this page, I will share with you the simple steps on how to apply and the grad school acceptance dates.

Also, show you ways on how to find the right graduate school program and to be one of the successful candidates.

However, many have been asking when to apply to grad school for fall 2020 or the grad school application deadlines for fall 2020.

As well, the grad school application deadlines for spring 2020.

Worry no more; you will get to know the exact things needed and necessary preparations for applying to grad school.

Let’s quickly see the various steps and tips on how to apply to grad school.

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How to Apply to Grad School in 10 Simple Steps

Here are the available ten easy steps on how to apply to grad school.

  1. Build Your Graduate School List

First, you need to start by building and gathering together a list of schools you wish or aspire to apply for.

This should be a list of 10 graduate school programs which can include your target schools, dream schools, and safety schools.

Group the grad schools you look out for into these categories and make target schools your utmost priority.

You don’t need to dwell much on dream and safety schools, go for target schools which aligns with your academic background, budget, and interests.

  1. Gather a List of Admission Requirements

Next thing now is to gather and make a list of admission requirements for all the graduate schools you have compiled.

Almost all graduate schools have the same admission requirements, including the documents, transcripts GMAT scores, etc.

Then make a checklist or to-do list on each of the graduate schools requirements to gather all the necessary things needed for each school.

Some schools might require you to write a personal statement essay, and with these, you can easily curate the exact points needed for the article.

And you are not just writing some mere ordinary statements.

  1. Top Your GRE Exams

This should be among the requirements to note when making a list of admission requirements for your graduate schools.

You need to take note of the average GRE and GMAT Exam scores required for each graduate school on your list.

Hence, you can top your exams or tests by practicing more and more of GRE and GMAT prep courses.

They are the best free online test you can go for and make sure to grade yourself within 75% to 50% average score range.

Make sure to target the 75% range and if you are not making up to that, then give yourself more to practice to get into that range.

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  1. Write Your Personal Statement Essay

Writing your personal statement essay is very much important when applying for grad school.

This is very significant as it will help differentiate you from all other students applying for the same program.

Hence, you need to bear a few things in mind when writing a personal statement essay.

  • Make your essay very captivating to get the reader’s attention quickly. Don’t make it boring; else it will be considered the same as others.
  • Since you are writing the letter to different schools, make sure to tweak the message and mention the value you will bring to the school.
  • Share a copy of your essay to people and those you asked to recommend you as they help you check for errors and mistakes before submitting.

Doing all these will help you make an enticing personal Statement essay that will be very effective.

  1. Letter of Recommendation

Getting your Letter of Recommendation is another vital requirement needed when applying to grad school.

These letters are being submitted online, and most graduate schools demand about three letters of recommendation.

However, there are two complicated aspects when getting the recommendation letters, they include;

  • Each of the recommendation letters must have different statements made by the recommenders.

Hence, you either ask or tell them what to say on each of the letters.

  • Another problematic part is, your recommenders must write and submit the letters.

Therefore you need to disturb them along till they get in the letters on time and make sure to inform them earlier and give them a deadline.

Keep in mind the grad school application deadlines and ask for recommendations before the time you need them.

  1. Request for Transcripts before Application Deadlines

While seeking for how to apply to grad school, make sure you request and process your transcripts on time.

Get over to the school you acquired your bachelor’s degree and request for your transcript, which is the only official transcripts.

This can be done online on the school’s websites, or you go directly to the registrar’s office in the school and request for that.

However, be sure to make little payments for each of the transcripts around $10 to $50 depending.

Also, make sure your school or the university send the official transcripts across to the graduate schools you are applying for.

Most grad schools don’t accept a transcript from you first except it comes directly from your undergraduate school.

Hence, getting all these transcripts can take time; therefore start on time to process it.

  1. Gather Samples of Your Work

If you have any work you have done in time past, you can gather a few of their samples and present it during application.

Perhaps, they might refer to this work during your graduate school admission interview.

Therefore, you need to master and know it very well so you can talk and give a more in-depth speech about it when asked.

  1. Check Your Graduate School Application Requirement

Always review and check the admission requirements for each of the graduate schools on your list before applying.

And you can even submit your application one month before the deadline so it can be reviewed on time.

Doing this will give you a better edge in getting admitted to the grad school of your choice.

  1. Round-Up and Wait Patiently

Waiting after submitting your application is another hard aspect when applying for a grad school.

Some of the grad schools will call or let you know after submitting your application and perhaps conduct an interview with you immediately.

During your interview, either by call or you visited, make sure to ask questions about the school program.

This will show how far you have prepared and researched about the program along with your contributions.

  1. Now You are In, So What Next?

Voila! Once you got in, now what else needs to be done? The next thing to consider is on how to pay for grad school.

You can either opt-in for scholarships, financial aids, federal loans, private school loans, and other low-interest programs.

You can check out our guide here on how to pay for medical school to see how you can achieve this.

However, planning for your grad school payments is another part as the most challenging aspect which is application has been made.

And that is all you need to know on how to apply to Grad School.

Congratulations on Your new Graduate School!


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