Airtel Unlimited Data Plan 2G, N200 for 10days, N500 for 28days

Let me introduce you to the new Airtel Unlimited Data Plan for N200 for a period of 10 days and N500 for a period of 28 Days.

The plan is not actually a new plan. It has been introduced by Airtel for more than 3 years now, the Unlimited package plan comes with a clause as expected. I will show you what that is later in the cause of the article.

A lot of people had stopped using the plan because they find it very difficult to be able to opt out of the plan when they needed to. You will find nowhere where Airtel advertised this plan before. It is kept a little bit underhood, why they did is what we can’t say.


Please mind that this plan will only work if you switched your SIM to 2G Network which is the only downside of the service, that explains why the data is so cheap and affordable.
No matter the strength of your network, the plan only works if you switch your network to 2G only; and I’m sure it will serve you well if you are truly looking for cheap data plans.

Something you need to know about the Airtel Unlimited 2G Plans

1. It is in no way a new plan

2. It wasn’t popular because the company did not intentionally advertise the plan

2. In order to be able to use the plan, you need to be sure that your mobile supports 2G to meet the conditions of Airtel

3. Please mind that if you have any active plan before activating this plan you will be automatically deactivated

How Can I subscribe to the plan?

Dial *482#.

To move away from this plan Dial same *482# and Use number 3 to opt out.

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