Airtel Internet Settings and Manual Configurations 2019

airtel internet settings

Over the years and since the Launching of Airtel Nigeria Network, Airtel has been known as one of the best internet Service Provider providing great and stable network around the globe.

This has brought a fast increase in the growth of their customers and hence many users or new subscribers tends to know about the various Airtel Internet Settings available.

Many People have been asking a series of questions like;

  • How do I get Airtel internet settings?
  • How can I configure Airtel?
  • How can I get Airtel configuration settings code?
  • What is the access point name for Airtel?
  • How can I get Airtel internet settings for Android Phone?

Now, you are in the right place, worry no more. Here you will get to see all the available settings and manual configurations for Airtel Nigeria.

As an Airtel user or subscriber, and you wish to surf the internet, you will need a few necessary configurations to gain internet access.

First thing is to subscribe if you are yet to subscribe then follow this guide to see how to subscribe for Airtel Data Plan.

Then, if after subscribing and you are still unable to access the internet on your device, mobile phone or android phone, next is to manually configure your phone settings.

Mostly all new Airtel SIM is been activated once you purchase the SIM from any Airtel office or sales point center.

But, if in case your SIM is not yet activated, you can easily get it done by calling the Airtel toll free line.

Just dial 111 on your mobile device and the Airtel Customer Care representative will activate the SIM for you.

Once this is done, you can now proceed with the airtel internet settings. You can request for the Automatic internet Configuration settings or you configure your mobile device manually.

Below here is the process for the 2 methods, Automatic internet configuration, and Manual Configuration Settings.



To activate your Airtel SIM Automatically, you don’t need much stress or procedures; here is what you need;

Simply Text (Internet-Phone Model-Phone Model Number) to 232. Example, if you are using Nokia Phone and the model number is Nokia 5320.

Quickly text Internet Nokia 5320 as SMS and send to 232.

Immediately, you will get a reply from Airtel for successful configuration, now you can browse and surf the internet easily.



Some mobile device doesn’t work using the Automatic Configuration settings, probably if your phone doesn’t support that as well, don’t worry the Manual Configuration settings will work out.

Here are the few settings to be made on your mobile device, Just go to your phone internet connectivity settings and set the following below.

NAME Airtel NG

Access Point Name:

Username: wap

Password: wap


And that’s all. Voila, your phone is been configured to browse and surf the internet anytime any day.


So, here you have it on Airtel Internet Settings and Airtel manual configuration 2019. With this guide, you can set up your android phone and mobile device to surf the internet.

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