how to accept a job offer email

how to accept job offer email

Accepting a job offer email is a beautiful thing to do once you are being offered a job, thereby appreciating your employer for the new position.

How to accept a job offer email is what most job applicants and those offered a new job do look out for.

Many who don’t know how to write or put up a job offer email tend to ask questions like;

  • How do you accept a job offer?
  • How do you acknowledge a job offer?
  • How do you accept a job offer sample?
  • What to say when accepting a job offer?
  • How do you respond to a shortlisted job offer by email?

These are some of the questions and so many others.

After gathering a good number of the email sample letter, I decided to share the best sample for you on this blog page.

This job acceptance email letter will help you express your professionalism and gratitude for the job position being offered to you.

And it serves as a means of showing your eagerness and interest in taking up the new role in the firm.

A job offer email is not any letter or email template; it has its sample and things to include in the email letter.

One of the things you need to include is adding your name in the subject line as (Your Name – Job Offer Acceptance).

Hence, your email should be brief and concise, but the necessary things should be included.

Let’s see what and what to be included and the job offer email sample.


Things needed in a Job Offer Acceptance Email

The below points are what you should include when writing a Job Offer Acceptance email or seeking for how to accept a job offer email letter.

  • Appreciation and Thanks for the new Job position.

  • Subject as Job Offer Acceptance with your name.

  • Starting date of Employment.

  • Employment and Payment Terms and Conditions.

Once you got all these done, you can now send out your email and remember to include your phone number, contact details, etc.

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Guidelines on How to Accept a Job Offer Email Sample

  1. Make it Brief: No matter how many things you wish to include in your letter, try to make it very brief and concise.

The employer or manager is busy, so having a short and snappy email, including all your details is the best.

  1.   Express your Gratitude: Definitely, you need to appreciate and express your gratitude towards the new job position.

However, share your desires in contributing to the company and show how thankful you are. Then, still, make it brief.

  1.   Proper Email Editing: You need to edit and edit your letter to your taste and make it presentable to your employer.

After writing the email, proofread gradually and check out for spelling/grammar errors. Then correct if necessary.

Below here is a sample letter to follow if you are looking for how to accept a Job Offer Email.


Job Offer Acceptance Email Sample

Email Subject line

(Your name) – Job offer acceptance

Email body

Dear (Manager/Employer name),

Write a brief thankful message and as well the content body of the letter.

Include the (Starting date) to join the organization when writing the email.

Best wishes,

Your Name.


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Voila! This is how to write a thank you letter for a job offer and how to accept a job offer verbally.

Now, I believe you have learned the best sample letter and things needed for how to accept a job offer email.

Take advantage of this guide, and you will be amazed you did.

Good luck with your new job role.


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